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The King turns once more to you, his trusted city planner, to save the faraway land of Middleshire in Royal Envoy 2! . Explore ancient caves and forgotten mines, meet mystical nymphs and leprechauns, engage in snowball fights in the frigid arctic, and rescue the people of Middleshire from the fires of a terrible volcano. With you as their guide, the people will build a veritable paradise -- while you win prizes for your speed and quick wit in this incredible Time Management game!

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Collect rent. This level is tricky so be sure to follow the steps in this order. You will need to start demolishing the top three banks right away and building cottages so you can place gardens behind Envoh. He has appointed Tradewinds Classic to straighten things out along Rogal an assistant Cedric. If you can place two per building that is optimal. Level 46 Goals: Free the tax collectors, 3 upgraded houses of any type, happiness Collect Charma: The Land of Enchantment gold and repair the two obelisks. Food Food — Food is represented by an apple icon and the meter is at the top of the screen showing you how much you have on hand. Add a fountain next to the Villa to complete the fountain requirement Upgrade all three Villas and add Gardens to them to complete the happiness requirements. Royal Envoy 2 more workers in the castle once you get food from the farm Envly couple of times. Repair Envou obelisk at the bottom. Build 2 Flower beds and Royal Envoy 2 Gramophones in any order. Restore the two chalets in the back next. Fountains have happiness points each associated with them.

Buy food, buy 5 doves. Western Arctic Expert — For completing all levels of Western Arctic with three stars in the expert mode. Build a sawmill, produce wood. Sent 4 workers to the tend the christmas trees. Build a flower bed on every happiness slot. These workers come running each time you click on a job to be done such as build a house, pick apples for food, cut down trees, unlocking treasure chests, shoveling snow, repairing obelisks, winning snowball fights, clearing away obstacles, and more. Goals: Fill the reservoir, 10, food Collect the wood. Click on these and a menu will appear letting you purchase either a flowerbed, gramophone, fountain or a statue. Produce wood and repair the second villa. Start by clearing the branch and completing the bridge to the immediate right of the castle. You can upgrade the houses that are already there adding a garden so they will earn the most money for you. This will save you valuable seconds in the game. Build gardens behind them for your happiness and this level is complete. Lanterns — When lanterns are in a level they will appear unlit and you will need 50 wood in order to repair them. Repair the two broken down chalets behind the two you just built.

If you click on anything at all the game begins and the timer at the left fills up. Immediately Happy Empire three cottages in the bottom empty plots and place gardens behind them so they can produce coins for you. Produce wood as Mother Nature can afford it, build 2 wells and two villas. Next you can have your workers dig up all the ore for gold until it is EEnvoy. Restore both Villas and then demolish them.

Once you have a bank your houses will payout more than ever. Tasks or goals will return when no activity is going on. Demolish the cabins. He has appointed you to straighten things out along with an assistant Cedric. Have the workers open the remaining four locked treasure chests on the right side of the screen for large amounts of money. Pay the pirate's ransom. First repair all the lanterns starting at the far right of the scene. Build a fountain. Add a chateau to the land plot in the front upgrade it and the villa placing gardens on both to get your happiness rating. Buy food, add garden to all houses. Note there are four banks here. Locked Treasure Chests — When you see these send a worker over to break the lock and unlock them. When ever you see a water symbol above one of the palm trees, click it to make a worker watering the tree.

Selection indicator — The blue circle indicates the item has been chosen and changes can be applied to that item. When you have wood you can repair the bridge. Restore the chalet, bank and market. Once you get him out of the way put your workers on the ore for coins until it is all gone. Note you will have to repair one final lantern before you can reach the final ore rocks. Locked Treasure Chests — When you see these send a worker over to break the lock and unlock them. Construct a saw mill on one of the empty plots and purchase wood continuously Restore the four forestry buildings. You do not need four banks you need only one so that cottage rents will increase so be sure as soon as you can afford it to hire workers as needed and demolish three of these banks as soon as you can afford it and put up cottages that will bring in rent. Trembling Earth — Complete all levels of the Trembling Earth with three stars. Having more than one does not increase the funds any more so save space and only have one bank unless the goals tell you to have more than one. Next you will have to upgrade the four houses that were in place when you began the level. The man at the top right of the screen asking for , coins. Mountain Valley Expert — For completing all levels of Mountain Valley with three stars in the expert mode.


Royal Envoy 2 Expert Mode Level 56

Keep collecting rent from houses and using it to buy food from market until you have all the rum you need. Once the tournament is over the level is over. The more workers in the mine the more the payout which is every few seconds like the houses. The more that work the more gold they will mine for you. This level is now complete! Start out by clearing all trees on the ground and the dead trees on the empty patch signs and add to wood inventory. Add a worker after you add more wood and food to your totals. Collect the gold and this level will be complete. You will need to keep at least one worker at each building. Chop down the wood in front of the glutton. Build saw mill. Once upgraded they will payout more money. Build a sawmill and produce wood.

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  1. Build cottages on all the empty plots. Start with the bank and then go to the forestry and activate it adding as many workers as you can. Build the bridge to access the farm and summon 3 workers. Level 40 Goals: 1 bank, 1 market, 1 sawmill, 3 upgraded villas with garden Summon 3 workers to the gold mine. Build the well between the two land plots.

  2. Build a well and two cottages, add gardens. Level 39 Goals: 3 villas, happiness Collect the wood and build the bridge to free the workers. After you cross it clear the wood from the plots on the right. You will need this for wood to repair the bridge you need to get to the other side of the area. This will complete the level.

  3. Build another villa in the open plot that is left. Goals: 5 upgraded villas, gold Demolish the bank and open all treasure chests. Upgrade the other two chalet houses and place a garden on both. Gold Mine — You will need to assign up to three workers to work a mine when you have one in a level.

  4. Here you will have your workers chop wooden branches to clear the path and make it to the exit at the far right of the screen. Level 33 — Palm Coast Goals — , Gold, Dig 5 Treasures 1 is needed Your first move is to dig up the treasure in the back center of the scene or to the left of the broken down chalet. Engineering Guru — Over , game points earned Points. You will be taken to a location in Middleshire and will be given goals to accomplish in various locations around the map. Add a garden to both houses.

  5. Build a chalet on each empty plot and upgrade it. When all the wood is collected, dig out all treasures to get the food. It costs 50 wood to fix each lantern so you need to make sure you have it. Produce wood, buy food.

  6. Bright Spark — For repairing lanterns. The more workers in the mine the more the payout which is every few seconds like the houses. Demolish the cabins. This will complete the level. Clear the trees from the center area and when you can reach the forestry building in the center add as many workers to it as it allows so it will bring in a steady flow of wood.

  7. Build a bank; demolish the bank on the left side. Immediately construct three cottages in the bottom empty plots and place gardens behind them so they can produce coins for you. Anniversary Rum Keg — For producing barrels of Rum. Luckily, you do not have to do anything at all with him so just ignore him.

  8. Remember that you only need one bank for the cottages to pay out more but if the goal asks for more then you will need to have more than one. Each level is a new location with different elements to deal with and with new goals. Go to the top right and use wood to repair the bridge. Bee Whisperer- For constructing bee hives. Level 31 Goals: Grow christmas palm trees, happiness, wood Collect rent till you have gold; now demolish one of the houses.

  9. Once you collect 10, gold coins the level is completed. The more workers in the mine the more the payout which is every few seconds like the houses. It will take a while but once the ship is finished this level is complete.

  10. Build a market on the right side. Add a garden to each of the villas. Construct a saw mill on one of the empty plots and purchase wood continuously Restore the four forestry buildings. You will have to pay in gold to process the wood.

  11. Bachelor of Architecture — Over 6,, game points earned. Level 15 — Isle of Mystery Goal — Six houses of any type with gardens, Happiness In this level you are introduced to another new element — Gardens. Be fast if you wait you will miss but if you click quickly you will hit dead on.

  12. These changes will show up in the Activity indicator window at the bottom right of the screen. This level is now complete! You do not need to place a garden at this level. Build a bank in the open plot. When you have happiness click on the leprechaun and then on the button at the bottom of the screen and he will talk for a few moments and then leave.

  13. Chop down the trees and restore the chalets. Add a garden und add gardens to the two villas. This level introduces another new element known as the gold mine — You can place up to three workers in a mine at a time. Level 13 — Foothills Goal — Three houses of any type. Sometimes you will have to demolish buildings already standing to make room for them.

  14. You want to earn the most money possible from the chalets and you want the happiness score to equal so you can get the leprechaun to move. Add three workers to the farm right away for maximum output. Repair the two lanterns at the top first then you will see a saw mill and a forestry already completed. Build a villa and repair the two broken ones.

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