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Help Florence restore her familys fortune in Secret Diaries: Florence Ashford, a wonderful Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! In order to pay off her fathers debt, and regain the Ashford familys riches, Florence is off to the Marquis Henry. The Marquis is wealthy, and Florence has set off to marry him. Explore Bucklebury manor and discover the truth about the Marquis!

Once you get the item or information you need, close it by clicking the checkmark. Start with the edges. Click on the item to cross it off the list. When the drawer opens, take the puzzle. You are then told to go to your bedroom. The only thing to do on your own is play the mini-puzzles. All the items that belong Secret Diaries: Florence Ashford which have been left behind will be found and you will be asked if you want to delete them. Click on the shelves with the bears. You can also change the full screen mode and the custom cursor and view the credits. Click on the statue of Mars right of stairs. Click on the brick to move it. A confirmation window will show up. Then add the music box this automatically adds the music notes.

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Anthony will push in the stones on the left, Florence you must push in the same stones in the same combination. Go to the kitchen and talk to Mrs. Leave the room to search the house for the rest of the bears. Notice the vegetables that are added to the pot in Battle Slots animation. Take the shredded wax and place it in the pot Ashrord. Details Dreamland Solitaire the program you are about Wonder Pets Save the Puppy uninstall, by pressing the Properties button. Place the writing desk key in Florencd lock. Take the Flordnce of destruction. Use the scissors to cut the rope, then take the piece of rope. Leave the bathroom and bedroom to return to the hallway. Take the music notes. Take the two bears. The diary is added to your inventory.

Exit quits the game. When you press Play for the first time, you are given the choice of difficulty settings: o Normal Mode: According to the instructions, hints generate faster and clues are given to help find objects and figure out what to do next. At this point in the game, you can only go where you are told. Use the cloth to clean it three clicks. This will place all the bears. At the end of each hunt, an inventory item is added. Place the rings in the holder 1. Use the up and down arrows to set the combination. Click on the stone and take the wreath of power. Place the plate with the code on the hook. Options allows you to adjust the volume to the sound, and music. Return to the pantry and go into the wine cellar. To leave, go south to the driveway and then enter the house. Click to move the rings clockwise, right-click to move the rings counter-clockwise. Take the music notes.

When you Disharmony Blocks II a wrong key, Halloween Night Mahjong the notes turn black and you must start again. Hidden objects are different each time to you play the game and the hint system can help you if you are stuck. Take the sword of conquest. Use a pen and paper to write down the order. Mini-puzzle: Swap the tiles in order to complete the picture. Click the Secrte keys. Return to the hallway. Click the candelabra to start a hidden object hunt. Click on the bookcase to see replicas Ashfoed the statues in the hallway. Return to the study. Click on the fire.

Click the checkmark to close the window. Your PC will remain clean, speedy and ready to serve you properly. Take the page from will. Take the ladder. Take the corkscrew from the table. At the top of each scene, the chapter name appears. Click on the casket on the desk. Click on the General Tools button 4. Zooming in on areas opens small windows. Click on the stone and take the wreath of power. In actuality, it also offers a tutorial for all new elements. Return to the dining room. Dress the doll only in the pink garments, then take the seal. Close the window and go to the pantry off the kitchen.

Take the pot from the wall, then click on the cutting board. Put the sealing wax 1 on the back of the envelope 2 , then use the seal 3 on the wax 2. Inventory objects: o In this walkthrough, they will be written in bold. Place the ingredients on the cutting board. Take the left staircase to the study. Once completed, take the page from will. Notice the vegetables that are added to the pot in the animation. Click on the drawers to discover they are locked and you will need a key. If you play on Casual mode, it takes about 30 seconds, Challenge takes about a minute. There seems to be no penalty. Leave the library and go to the dining room and enter the kitchen. Place the documents on the desk. A key can only be positioned on its proper hook. Click on the safe stones beside gate. Return to the hallway.

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  1. Mini-puzzle: Swap the tiles in order to complete the picture. Leave and go to the music room. Click on the statue on the right Mars. Note the colour of the ribbon. Take the music notes.

  2. Take the left staircase to the study. Enter the dining room door on the left. Take the duster from the wall. Mini-puzzle: Put the part of music box pieces on the desk. You can only play the bright white keys.

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