Mystery Mosaics

The realm was once home to an ancient civilization, which has long since disappeared, leaving behind relics of unknown power. Across the land, factions fight over the mosaics, some seeking to solve their code, others afraid of what might happen if their power is unlocked. Do you have the wits to unravel the mystery? Find out in Mystery Mosaics!

Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by szeb from I've been waiting for this for a while now Plus, if I'd had to enter a new name, it would have saved the old game even if I started over! Please let me assign a name to myself. While I agree with much of what's already been said, for me there was a major drawback to this game. It's difficult to explain, so I recommend trying it in the demo. But play the demo and judge for yourself. However, if you enjoy logic puzzles, want to twist your brain a bit and try something new, I highly recommend this game. I was more than halfway done with the puzzles when I accidently hit start a new game rather than continue. What's strange is that the backgrounds and village illustrations are the complete opposite: bright, sunny, fantasy colored castles and skies. If you like standard grid puzzles, then you will enjoy this game but there is no "wow" factor to playing it. It's not like it is giving me anything! Using those numbers, you fill in blocks on the graph and, when finished, create a picture. I want to keep playing!!!!

Other reviewers will do a fine job of explaining these parameters. Just let me go on to the next puzzle, please. There are no mini-games between levels. What's new is you build the buildings. I highly recommend this game if you like Sudoku games or any type of mathematical puzzle. However, I would recommend this game for beginners, or someone who is looking for an easy breezy game to relax and enjoy! As you play the one-hundred puzzles within this game, you will earn points which will be used to purchase buildings and other items for this new town. Game is logic. The graphics were not up to par and the music is annoying. I'll be honest, I only play the Fill-A-Pix I think it's called in which you fill in a picture by coloring in the number of filled in boxes that are supposed to be in a 3x3 grid. That made it hard to distinguish whether a square was marked off or not. Points are earned as per time used to complete the puzzle, amount of errors, and stars earned.

The game is Good. In Mystery Mosaic 2 the result of completing a group of 10 puzzles involves the rebuild of the City of the Ancients. There is an automatic tutorial. What a cool and innovative idea! There are 2 game settings: pic-a-pic or fill-a-pic. Other reviewers will do a fine job of explaining these parameters. Points are earned based on the time to solve the puzzle, the mistakes made, and the stars awarded. VERY challenging but I loved that if you worked carefully and understood the concept you never had to guess, unlike many of this sort. Date published: Rated 2 out of 5 by smudge from Love these type of games but not this one Like the other person said the peach colored squares make it very difficult to know what you have and have not done. If you like this type of puzzle, you will like this game. Stars are awarded as to number of errors you make in completing the puzzle. Great puzzler if you like this kind of game. I could find NO way to turn it off You can use up to 6 hints per level you probably won't use any and you are allowed up to 5 mistakes.

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  1. Sudoku arranges the numbers 1 thru 9 in a pattern where none of these numbers can be repeated in the same row either horizontally or vertically. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by laur from Anyone up for the challenge? Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by kateblue from Great game, but needs to work better I love it and I am buying it. Please let me go to an achievements page and gloat! The puzzles are relaxing, not too challenging.

  2. You can purchase buildings with your earned income, to build a town, but I found this feature worthless. Sadly I don't see another of this sort. Date published: Rated 3 out of 5 by Commtech from Good, But A real thumbs down game.

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