Redemption Cemetery: Salvation of the Lost Collectors Edition

Escape from a mystical cemetery in Redemption Cemetery: Salvation of the Lost! A late-night subway takes a bizarre turn when you suddenly find yourself in a strange cemetery. An otherworldly entity has summoned you to free the cemetery’s lost souls. And to make sure you finish the job, she’s holding your dog hostage! To earn your freedom, you must help three spirits resolve some unfinished business from the past. Will you succeed, or is this the end of the line? Find out in this thrilling Hidden Object game! This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card! The Collector’s Edition includes:

Take the Elevator down to the Dressing Room. Look at the glass cube for a mini-game G. Then move the top tile left, the right tile up, and the two bottom tiles right. Go to the Restroom. You still combine inventory items to make a new, more useful, item. Use the gold snake on the basket, and then use the flute on the snake V. If you run out, you have to play the mini-game again to recharge. Go out the window. Give the NUT to the squirrel N. Zoom into the flower bed and take the medal. Zoom into the plants and move the moth. Inspect the tarantula cage. Take the head and place it on the doll I. Look at the dog and take the note J. I did not find too many HOS but they are normal.

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Place Salvtion dragon on Darwin the Monkey red chain H. The snake themes are fire, water, air, earth, and electricity. I guess the glitch with the bonus game Iron Sea Defenders fixed, as it worked fine for me, and although I am now stuck on a demon with pincers, and there were a few times I had to punch the raven to make him act right, I think this could be one of the best one in this series. To make the yellow thf, press U, T, S, and V. Use the JAW on the hollow in the tree L. Walk down and go forward. Take the Power of Earth from the ghost V. Open the stall door K. Open Losh pocket to find the key P. Zoom into the desk drawer and put the DAM on the mosaic S. Walk to the left, look in the cabinet at the globe for a mini-game. Enter the door on the right. Also, the magic raven buddy you receive now not only flies, but digs and has powers of water and fire as well. Look at the drawer and place the DAM into the picture F. Note the face that Ceemtery: on the right under the token slot T.

Each symbol is made of the same pieces, just layered in a different order. A triangle will be removed if all three corners show the same symbol. Look at the branches and take the bottle A. Your inventory C is located in the lower panel; select an item to use it. The Raven Early on in the game, Hina will give you a raven helper. Use the spearhead to open the case, and then use the bowl with gypsum in the case H. Click the blue button Q to swap the two tiles on either side of it R and S. Zoom into the barrier. Select the charged triangle to use the raven O. Enter the portal E. Click on the cat to scare it away W. This area is called the Witch. Play the new HOS in the crypt.

Walk to the left S. Zoom into the dog and pick up the paper H. You have a crow that will also help you. Look at the cell door G. Exit the elevator Zumas Revenge go into the Dressing Room.

His name is Jeeves. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by majageorg from Help the restless souls again to find their peace!! Take the GUN when the panel opens. Talk to the thief T. Look at the terrarium and place the glass over the spider L. Open the cabinet. Use the rake Z to find the one in the hay. Wait until the snake has gone and use the JAW to make the hole bigger A. Give the sword to the knight P. Give the NUT to the squirrel. Open the red box A with the KEY. Go to the Tiger Room. Chapter 1: The Cemetery You will have the option of some interactive help. Select the alcove for a HOP T. Enter the door on the left.

Go into the crypt. Some of the puzzles are harder than others. Look at the formula key and note the symbols for each color R. Note the mini-game on the globe W. Walk down twice; look at the elevator control and push the 2nd button from the bottom. Note the arcade K. Move the curtain to find the scissors M. Note the mistreated cat in the cabinet C. Go back to the Worker. Drag the strips left and right to complete the painting O. Your solution may vary. The directions you type will show on the right G. Walk down and right. The inventory is shown at the bottom of the screen. To charge the Power of Earth you need to remove all triangles.

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  1. Move the ant left twice, down, and right 4. Press the play button O to test the positions. Remove the lid from the vase to find the fang O. Hang the griffin from the chain O. Welcome to the new gloves-off Redemption!

  2. You will alternate between shooters. Zoom into the mausoleum and pick up the medal for your puppy. Use the SAW on the board L. Talk to Hina G ; she gives you the raven.

  3. Enter the window. Go back to the square Zoom into the wolf cub cage. Return to the cell and look at the mini-game on the wall.

  4. Journal, Inventory and Map You can access the journal by clicking on the notebook in the bottom right corner of the screen. Walk to the left P. You can click on a triangle to rotate it T. Use the bat on the backpack lock and take the flute T.

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