Timeless: The Lost Castle

Every night you’ve been haunted by visions of a man in a red hood, pleading for you to save an innocent soul. You pack your bags for Europe, but soon you’ll find yourself headed for a different destination, stranded aboard a flying ship. In the distance, an ancient castle among the snowy mountains holds the key to releasing a young girl’s spirit, but it also contains an ancient evil sleeping just under its foundations. Follow in the footsteps of the Man in Red and uncover his secrets in Timeless: The Lost Castle, a mysterious Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game.

Look at the table piled with books. Items listed in blue lettering require interacting with the scene to reveal the item. I would have liked a map though which enabled me to jump from place to place as I kept getting lost. Because there is NO map, there is the adventure game aspect of running back and forth, but I never found it to be excessive. Move them until you have a rose image like this: Timeless The Lost Castle 28 Rose Puzzle I found the easiest way to put the puzzle together is to work from the outside. Interactive locations and combinable inventory items are not indicated; hint and skip buttons recharge very slowly. Study the posters on either side of the room pink to note how to form colors. Look at the surface of the key making worktable. Pour the contents of the far right beaker 1 into the retort. Use the pick to uncover the elephant and crossbow. Put the CUP in the hands of the statue on the left. Go down twice. Zoom in on the knights guarding the door on the right at the top of the stairs. The puzzles were not easy, so be prepared to use your brain!

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Examine the chest on the stairs and remove the stones on the top. Insert the Dragon Horn to have the dragon open its mouth so you can collect the Spearhead. Press Reset. Remove the cloth aqua from the machine for closer inspection. Attach the LENS to the end of the telescope. Did I also have to avail myself of the Forum once or twice? Duplicating an already paired number causes the first pair of stones to pop back out. When you have finished, you will collect the Unicorn Horn, Decanter, and Hourglass. Open the doors to play a HOS. General Tips Play is mostly linear although there are some options for the order in which to explore locations and complete tasks. Start by matching the pieces with the same symbols on the Jet Set Go. Exit the lab and the lion tower; return to the main hall; go left to the second floor. Use The Chronicles of Confucius’s Journey up and down arrows to bend the wire.

Zoom in on the mirror. Look closer at the clock on the left wall of the gallery. The story was constantly moving The content of the story is pretty dark in nature, with dark magic etc. The inset shows the starting positions. Puzzle solving information is added to the journal. Bend the first and fifth sections and position the wire as shown in the dashed inset above. Inspect the window. I honestly don't know how long it took me to complete the game - so many hours that I lost count - so good bang for your buck. The inset shows the starting positions based on the previous moves. Move all the runes to the correct places first, then build the green circle. Crips graphics, Interesting story. Look at the floor hatch. Use the bunch of keys yellow to open the chest to find the chain.

Any ideas? The code on the steps is added to the journal for later use. There Ice Crystal Adventure some puzzles I've never seen before, so that was a treat as well, and an interesting story. Also, if you love a challenge, in addition to the game listed to the left, here is one you might like: "True Fear: Forsaken Souls" As always, try before you buy. You can move the puzzle around by clicking on one hexagon and then clicking the hexagon you want to switch it with. The gestures of the robed figures are added to the journal. Note the numbers: Look Sparkle Unleashed the Timeless: The Lost Castle stones. Move the books from stack-to-stack to uncover the other four books yellow. Select the flashing lens and move it around the scene to locate the hidden item. Go down three times. Right prism — blue and a beam that same red color that could be considered yellow depending on the color required. Study Examine the box on the desk as use the Snake Eye in the groove to start a puzzle.

The last color at the ending node should be red. Courtyard Take a look at the rock pile. Drag arc 5 to the left to position 5a. The straight wire is centered. Match the colors shining out of the prisms to the screenshots below for each color. Adjust prism C to the red beam. Collect the Ruby Heart. You will collect a Gear and a Pendulum when you are done. Even familiar puzzles are presented with little twists that make them better and, perhaps, a little more difficult. The story line was excellent. A gem cannot be placed on the same color snake or next to a gem of the same color. Go right to enter the laboratory. This will create a portal.


Timeless: The Lost Castle [FINAL]

Examine the chained book on the pedestal. Turn the knob at the bottom to heat the mixture, then add the blue powder to the tube. Go down once to exit the crypt. Look at the small fountain on the wall beside the door. Use the key to open the lower right drawer. Zoom in on the metal table. Click the forward button to advance the pick. Fantastic story! Open the doors to play a HOS. Zoom in on the ballista. I was amazed by the variety of puzzles I encountered, which really balanced out the HOs. The double arrows rotate the wire. Clicking the prism switches which pedestal-mounted crystal receives which color. Pull the chains until they are positioned according to the information in the journal and shown in the inset.

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  1. Each button except the middle left button moves two gears forward or back on their tracks. Return to the cockpit. Examine the body on the floor. Look at the door lock.

  2. Now pull the lever on the left to send it flying. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by julie from unexpected winner I was pleasantly surprised with this game,i thought it wouldnt be a favourite with me because it didnt have any bells and whistles, how wrong i was. Beautiful music and an intriguing storyline. Follow these instructions to create and collect the bottle of Restoring Ink: Pour the center beaker into the retort, add the blue test tube powder to the retort, turn the knob on the retort to heat the mixture, use the red test tube powder with the tube attached to the retort, use the Mistletoe in the mortar and grind it before adding it to the tube as well.

  3. Exit the cockpit and look closer at the slumped person. Look at the navigation table. The following screenshots show how to create the red, green and blue orbs. Did I have to go to the Walkthrough once or twice?

  4. Zoom in on the knights guarding the door on the right at the top of the stairs. The above screenshot shows the solution. Use the lit match on the candle.

  5. Squares with a colored circle and bar unlock similarly colored gates. Zoom in on the sarcophagus of the unknown knight. There are no click penalties in hidden object scenes.

  6. Match the silhouette in the bottom panel to items in the scene. Use this on each of the runes to make yourself a ladder underneath the window. Correctly solving the puzzle opens a secret compartment behind the center shelf.

  7. Exit the crystal room. Go forward twice to return to the hall. Prism D combines the green and blue beams and projects a cyan beam to the center pedestal. Click the wheel four times to raise the gate.

  8. Look at the table. Look at the storage area on the right. All gates must be opened to complete the puzzle. Drag arc 5 to the left to position 5a.

  9. Loved the Ravenhurst, Madame Fate etc. Return to the abandoned camp. Turn the key yellow four times to bring the two mechanism parts together dashed green inset. Even familiar puzzles are presented with little twists that make them better and, perhaps, a little more difficult.

  10. Make sure you pick the piece of the broken mantle off the floor and place it in the hole in the mantle. Look inside the engine compartment. Drag arc 5 to the left to position 5a. Move the cobwebs out of the way with the Brush. Place the MASK over the eye in the door to open it.

  11. Remember to switch out each colored Orb with a fresh, clear one. Center prism — blue and green. Refer to the journal entry if necessary for information regarding the use of this machine. Pull the tube three times to cock the weapon.

  12. Go left to the lion tower and down to the crypt. Move the cover yellow on Lucy for a cutscene. Look at the metal table and use the Restoring Ink on the paper here. I often got lost, and you could hear me scream at my monitor

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