Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets

Help Constable Hawthorne investigate the rumors of witchcraft in Hidden Mysteries – Salem Secrets, a fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Four young girls have been suffering from an outbreak of mysterious fits and bizarre tantrums. Rumors abound that the girls have been "afflicted" by local practitioners of Witchcraft, but nobody has yet been charged or tried. Investigate the scenes and uncover the Hidden Mysteries!

Gratuit Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets mariage

The Door will Legend of Gallant. See the screenshot for a solution. Go right to the Mine. Continue forward toward the Farm D. I am a very experience HO game player too. Chop the head off of a fish. Go upstairs and through the Trapdoor. The Girl Hiddej be disenchanted. Continue forward to the Bridge. Zoom in on the Pumpkin C twice. Open the Door on the Stove YMsteries:. Look there for codes and recipes. Go up until you see the Eagle Nest.

Storyline was okay and I could not find things once in a while and got frustrated but I made it through. Walk towards the Toolshed. Go down 3 times to the Willow Tree. Return to the Bridge. There is no timer. When your Task List is open, you will see a list of Tasks to be completed. There is nothing to do here yet. Zoom in on the Toolshed Door R. Go left C to see the Fireplace. Die Minispiele haben mir schon einige Geduld abgefordert. This indicates an area you can investigate further. Walk back into the Barn, out to the Farmyard, one step down, and then re-enter the Farmhouse on the left. The North Gate is now open D. See the screenshot for a solution. There is no incorrect click penalty.

Enter the Main Floor. Look at the Mill equipment. Examine the Ceiling. Walk down to the Pumpkin Patch. However, I like story idea and think it could be a good game with a few improvements. Go through. A lot of back and forth; the map is useless. Die Wimmelbilder sind SSalem zu leicht, aber alles ist gut Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist finden. Look at Sparkle Unleashed set of pictures and decide what they all have in common. Man muss selber viel nachdenken und bekommt nicht alles auf dem Silbertablett serviert. Myateries: right to the Well.

Rotate the right side until the 4 light beads are all in the center area. Go past the Pumpkin Patch to the House with the Garden. Go back to the North Gate. Click on the top of the Bucket to remove it. Go right and continue to the Bridge. It is important that you examine everything you can, since doing something in one part of town may unlock an activity elsewhere. Zoom in on the Pumpkin Patch I. Read the Notice B. Zoom in on the Nest. Enter the Main Floor. See the screenshot for a solution. Go upstairs. Turn all four locks horizontal and then slide them left to open the door. Minus: - zu viele Wiederholungen derselben Wimmelszenen - Unstimmigkeiten Go back down the right tunnel K again.

Examine the Stove. One of the 4 missing Girls is here! If you hold an inventory item over a location and it pulsates, click to use it there. Since this is a nonlinear game, players can do things in different order. Swap the center block to the left. Go left B. Start at the Town Crossroads. It is too hot to pick up. Ich habe leider vergessen, dass es im Farmhaus einen Kamin gibt. A sparkle on the Map indicates a Hidden Object scene you have not completed yet. Examine the Lock on the Blue Cabinet F. Look at the Mill equipment.

Go out to the Farmyard. From the Willow Tree go left to the Maple Tree. Examine the Cannon D on board. When you zoom in you can see the Bucket at the bottom of the Well, but there is no way to get it out now. Zoom in on the Garden and collect the Sunflower. Put the EGG on the counter in the zoom scene. I play for the HO not trying to figure out puzzles. Read the Notice G. This includes items to collect, zoom locations, and exits. Click on the Book G to trigger a mini-game. Use the left and right arrows to slide the entire group of locks. Swap the center block to the left. Go left one to the Apothecary Shop and go inside. Go back outside. Go forward to the Docks.

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  1. Rotate the left side until the last light bead is at the top of the center area. Go left to the Apothecary. Go inside the Sawmill.

  2. See the screenshot for a solution. Was very disappointed in the way it progressed. The mini-games are many and some delightfully unusual: rebus, cryptogram, no pipe game.

  3. Go to the Mine and enter. This will trigger a mini-game. No real storyline, map doesn't really assist to know where to go. If you click on the?

  4. Go down one. Aber die Handlung hat mich weiter gelockt. The Find List for the Hidden Object Scenes will be different for different players, but the Important Items will be the same for everyone. You can skip a mini-game by clicking the Skip Button once it has recharged.

  5. It will be copied to your Journal. Go down 2 to return to the Main Road. Walk back into the Barn, out to the Farmyard, one step down, and then re-enter the Farmhouse on the left. You may also see a white sparkle in a main scene. Go back to the Willow Tree.

  6. The Hidden Object Scene at the Gallows will be available again. Go Forward. From the Town Crossroads, go right to the House with the Garden. Zoom in on the Tree B in the back right. I don't enjoy games I have to read the walkthrough for every step.

  7. This time go right O to the Mine. Zoom in on the Pan Statue. When you zoom in you can see the Bucket at the bottom of the Well, but there is no way to get it out now.

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