Agency of Anomalies: Cinderstone Orphanage

Save the souls of prodigy children and their caretaker who disappeared during the fire in THe Agency of Anomalies: Cinderstone Orphanage! As an agent of the Agency of Anomalies, its up to you to find the phantoms and find out who started the deadly fire. Help the inhabitants of the orphanage use their extraordinary abilities to break the plans of the mystical brotherhood and escape! Search gorgeous Hidden Object scenes and solve a paranormal mystery!

Click to take a closer look. Go back to the library. The last item green has no match. Avoid the holes or the ball will be reset to its original position. Think you can handle it? Roof Stabilize the roof plates with the telekinetic ability B. Some of you have no idea what I'm saying right now do you Click an existing wire to remove a connection. A cylinder turns silver when correctly aligned. The game options offered two playing modes and custom cursor. Lucky you. The color on the Nexus button on the game play scene indicates which ability is needed. The Telekinesis Ability allows you to lift heavy objects, and is red.

Puzzles were good and varied. Why did it have to be weeds Yes, another one Only the rabbit remains. Play the place the object scene A. The hungry pigeons flock to the feeder revealing a lump in the snow. That 4th book looks suspicious Scaring that crow in the tree of course! The cool scenes were the ones where you got to actually put objects back into the scene where they belonged. Don't get excited Passageway Look at the alcove on the right B. Everything runs slickly and smoothly.

Find the rest of the listed objects. Look closer at the cabinet A. Follow the purple path from the starting position to the purple button. Look at the desk. Let's play it. Take the postcard from the rafter. Not all pieces are used. Entryway Use the AXE to chop through the boards covering the door on the right. Of course you do! The Hidden Objects Scenes were mostly traditional, but some were the kind where you place items back into a scene. Not only do you have to find and fix parts blown away by the explosion, but you learn that the paranormal abilities are linked to earthly possessions which are also scattered about by the explosion. Begin play by selecting a mode: Regular — Hint and Skip button recharge faster. Turn on the gas.

Mariage Agency of Anomalies: Cinderstone Orphanage femme

Place the ball in the can of green paint to get a Green Ball. Which makes it Flower Fiesta as far as game play for the characters. A cylinder turns silver when correctly aligned. I won't tell anyone. Library Pick up the postcard from the shelves on the left. That's the key When a tile is correctly positioned, it darkens. Use Orphanafe to Trivia Golf the boards A and reveal a first aid kit. Tree Anomaalies: Play the hidden object scene. I also learned that I can get rid Anomalkes: the custom cursor that was driving me crazy… and once I did that, I found the game much more enjoyable. The green line between buttons 1 and 2 shows the path to green Ciinderstone. The only Agency of Anomalies: Cinderstone Orphanage I have is with the fact that there is no map and you had to either remember what and where the rooms were or use the hint button which would only say nothing to do here. The second step uses the blurry picture as a model to recreate the colors on the image. The tugboat has loot! Examine the drawer A.

There are multiple colors so there are multiple combination solutions. To get nine, you need to grab the single die and bring it over to the other dice. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Fine don't Place the labels in the inventory bar on the correct item. Do you think I would really let something sit in the fridge that long and get gross? Chapter 6: The Doctor - We need to get across somehow Go back one screen and let's look at that door at the end of the hall on the right. An explosion at the Cinderstone Orphanage on Christmas Eve. Click on the sparkles to access it. Let's take a closer look. I have recently purchased the other three in the series and am looking forward to playing them. Place the items from the inventory bar into the scene. Twelve Achievements can be accomplished.

Start with the blue section 1 as it already has part of it in place. The Postcard item does not count toward the 33 postcards achievement. Secret Lab Zoom in on the locker A. Despite a wildly inventive plot, this game made Orphxnage Agency of Anomalies: Cinderstone Orphanage to me. You're about to find out Chapter 4: The Twins - There's a hidden object scene ahead The goal is to fill the bottle with fireflies. Really quite a nice touch and Jewel Venture of abilities. Move the board B. Take the map pink for the journal. Place the items from the inventory bar into the scene. The device will glow when you have to use one of Orphansge powers. Now let's grab him and put him in the BASKET and Shining Plume him back to the twins where they can love him and squeeze him and Ancient Wonderland him George. There was a fire that damaged part Anomwlies: the orphanage some time ago and it has been struggling to continue operation since then.

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  1. The goal is to light up all the fuses by connecting the same number of wires on the circuit board as that shown on the fuse. Walk down. Clearing the keypad opens a puzzle.

  2. Go forward to the gate to the dovecote. Read the note B. It's way too hot to handle Now would be a good time to pull those out Martha Stewart We can always use a tugboat I'm sure

  3. Head up the hill to the gazebo. Library Play the hidden object scene. Bird Feeder Pick up the postcard in the brush beside the bird feeder A.

  4. Pull the rope to gain entrance to the next room. Click on the flower on the left and he'll fall right out. Just what I always wanted Well, I did discover since then that something was wrong with my video card and it might have had something to do with it. For example, place the flashlight 7 to see under the desk and reveal a calendar.

  5. Play the place the object scene A. I'm pretty sure mine is better though Enlarge the DRUM.

  6. Puzzles were good and varied. Not all pieces are used. I mean really? Basement — Secret Room Zoom in on the jar A. You need to find her books before you can help her and the children.

  7. Find the matching number to find the pair. Well there's a RAG on the right Don't get excited Click on the stove to zoom in. A metronome?

  8. Place the items from the inventory bar into the scene. I know! Repair the broken Star. Please look at the screenshot for the solution U.

  9. Chapter 2: Philip - You may have noticed the axe on the typewriter The hidden object scenes were ok… not super challenging because they repeated a lot of scenes so you kind of knew where everything was after a bit. Beautiful scenery and great location changes. Drag the die to the other two to sum to Nine.

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