Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart

Stop the evil Vansig family before they point their vengeful wrath at your friend Christine in Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart! Just as Viggo and Christine believed themselves free from the shackles of the Vansig family, an enemy they thought dead returns to kidnap Viggo, destroying the newfound peace of the lovers. Powerless to save Viggo by herself, Christine has called upon your help in Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart!


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Rimouski Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart

I don't like puzzles and tend to skip about half of them. Hint: the gears will light up yellow if you are only off by one space. Zoom into the door B. The balls stop at each intersection. Enter the Dining Room. Get the opera masks from the wall D. Totem Tribe the clam shell V to reveal the blood crystal. Close the two drain valves. Nice long game, as well. Go right to enter the Breaker Room. Use the color key at the top E as a guide for placing the colored fuses. Tip over the bucket and find the Castle C. Look at the table B. Take the chisel G to the statue Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart to make a bust. Rotate the tiles as shown Nightfakl the screenshot.

Return to the Nursery. Move the cloth C. The hint button recharges fast. Enter the Grand Stairs. Peer into the chasm the bridge once spanned A. The goal is to slide the colored books into their corresponding colored slot. Zoom back into the fountain. Open the mouth M to find the tooth. Go through the secret passage. Zoom into the lion hedge X. Pull out the stuffing. Without that review film as an analytical tool and due to the time constraints for delivering this guide, Plan B was implemented for directions on how to solve this puzzle.

Open the pocket watch P to find the yin yang and clock hands. Pick up the paper T. Close the two drain valves. Zoom into the Cell Door N. Nice long game, as well. Pick up the BONE. Return to the Front Door. The goal is to place the four spiders in the top silver squares. The HO can be a challenge because they did Mother Nature great job of hiding them which is a good challenge.

Zoom in on the machine in the back C. Drain the sink T to uncover the hand print, rolling pin, sink plug, and star. Zoom into the statue X. Open the umbrella N to get the tambourine and the shovel. Click the books to open a compartment E. Find the rest of the listed objects. Open the take-out container A to find the Shrimp. Zoom into the dresser J. Pick up the newspaper. View the video for all the moves. Open the eyeball B to see the Pink Eye. Take the newspaper clipping. Location references correspond to the location names on the map in the journal.

SAW open the wine barrel T. Refer to the page in the journal for the correct placement of the pictures. I found it more helpful than most HOGs. Move to the Grand Library. Tip over the bucket and find the Castle C. The map is a good reference but cannot be used to jump to locations. Enter the Great Hallway. Great HOS -- a few were repeated, but even those weren't too easy. Type in the name of the object as it appears in this guide to find where else it is referenced. Great Hallway Examine the large portrait on the right wall. You will enjoy!! Date published:

General Tips This hidden object game requires visiting several locations and using inventory items to advance play. Get the opera masks from the wall D. This is the third and maybe final maybe not in the Nightfall Mysteries series. Zoom into the snake stand O. Take the opera masks B above the door. The tiles should be arranged as shown in the screenshot. Open the beak P and pick up the tape blue. Receive the SAW. Slide the tile in position 12 to position 6 , 3 to position 12 , 2 to position 8 , 1 to position 9 , and 4 to position 1. Walk-in Closet Pick up the opera masks on the ceiling A. Return to the Grand Staircase. Zoom into the desk J.

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  1. Click the glowing heart D to create the Hint button not available in Extreme playing mode. Open the box A to reveal the red book. Zoom into the computer X. Zoom into the desk K. Open the box A to reveal the scorpion.

  2. Move to the Demon Reliquary. Workshop Inspect the boarded-up window. Open the drawer L to reveal the dentures, pistol, and the gold medallion. Return to the Grand Stairs.

  3. Take the Coins. Move forward to the Cliffside Path. And there's a tub full of blood-- not "red paint. Zoom into the door lock H. Slide the books in the direction marked in figure E to get to figure F.

  4. Back up one scene to the Bedroom. Zoom in on the gates B. Move back into the Great Hallway. If you get lost the book has a page for areas to go to to find items. Open the book T.

  5. Exit the house and move to the Radio Tower. Return to the Courtyard. Enter the Grand Stairs. Move the cloth C. Pick up the newspaper.

  6. For my fellow puzzle dislikers, there is a Skip button! Look closer at the chest C. Step outside onto the Back Patio.

  7. See the screenshot N for the completed mini-game. Zoom into the sparkles to play a HOS. Return to the Medical room. Casual — Hint and Skip button recharge quickly approximately 15 seconds.

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