Voodoo Whisperer: Curse of a Legend

Mentored by one of the most powerful voodoo priestesses in the world, Lillian is learning to use her power. But, a dark force has settled over New Orleans, and Marie Leveau, Lillians teacher, has been placed under a curse. The entire town has been put into a deep, dark sleep by a mysterious evil force. Now young Lillian must find allies and uncover the dark secrets of voodoo in order to save her master and free her friends before it is too late.

Return to the swamp path. Go left. Use the Death Talk Spell on the Dancer. Good puzzles, and skipable. I think the developers need to rework this game to make it smoother, and then finish the story! Nice HO, I only used hints mostly for things I don't even know what they are e. The clues were not helpful and would only direct you to a page, but often that wasn't enough because the thing you would be looking for was so hidden, like the herb in the flower box on the house. The final blow was, of course that the game cut you off and said "To Be Continued. Difficulty: Two levels available. Pick up the Visibility Potion recipe among the papers scattered on the floor. Go into the Stable next to the Hotel. Go back into the second floor office. Go behind the counter to the right. Check the wardrobe on the back wall. Search the trash can to the left.


Voodoo Whisperer: Curse Of a Legend Collector's Edition Gameplay Walkthrough NO COMMENTARY

That makes the game hard, and I played the easier version of this game! No character voice though. Use Crash on the swaying chandelier. Create a Death Talk Spell bag in your Mortar. Leave the Mausoleum. Go back to the Bank Lobby. Grab the twine on the floor of the carriage and go back outside. I'm very experienced, but found myself too often having to get a hint because the next clue within a given scene was almost impossible to find. Read the riddle on the piece of paper that is revealed when the picture moves. Use your mortar to make the Obatala doll. Go into the room on the right. I didn't really like the cliff hanger ending, but overall, it's a good game and I think others will enjoy it as well. Use the Bucket of Water on the fireplace and pick up the Ashes. Use your cake knife to scrape the moss away.

Rock Voodoo Whisperer: Curse of a Legend

Go back inside the house entryway and search the pantry Whisperet: more. Can be frustrating sometimes because the hint is mostly useless here. Return to the second floor Whieperer: and enter the room to the left. Search the desk again. Waiting for the next installment. Pick up the stove shovel and Rescue Team 4 the table behind the chair. Hint recharges Cursse fast, though sometimes not so useful outside of HO. Use the move spell on the big rocks then search behind them. Search the desk behind the Clerk. Retrieve the saloon key. Not Mahjongg: Ancient Mayas flashy ie. Each area cleared indicated such which I always like in games. Use your saloon key on the lower door. Nice HO, I only used hints mostly for things I don't even know what they are e.

Take the matches. I chose "regular'. Use the Visibility Mixture on the slip of paper on the bar. Overall, this game is recommended, but you have to try out for yourself because it can irritate some players. It was far to easy to find the hiiden objects though. Remove the wooden knob from the desk to the left. Inspect the piece of paper under the left bed. Great storyline, graphics, puzzles, HO, etc. I didn't really like the cliff hanger ending, but overall, it's a good game and I think others will enjoy it as well. Search the pile of junk on the left to find a hammer. Go back to the area just outside the Mausoleum. Create a Death Talk Spell bag in your Mortar. Search her vanity once more. Use your stove shovel to collect some mud.

Go through the door on the left. Use your Chalk to make a circle on Voofoo floor. Look inside the safe and take the Bank Check. Check the Brougham Carriage and Battle Slots your Small Key on the lock box inside. Take the Glass Chimney off of the lamp. Not as flashy ie. Check your mother. Go in. Check the invitation and Egyptian Settlement 2: New Worlds the pieces. Finish the puzzle to open the door. Pick up the Room 7 key. Legned behind the curtain on the left to play a match game and find the Tincture.

The difficulty of the mini games varied from quite easy to really difficult. Check the lamp to the left of the mirror. Search the pantry then unlock the door with the Spare Key. Look in the cupboard. It was a very short game too. Go back to the Terrace. Search the desk and read the journal. Go back into the First Floor Hallway. Not too much running around, but there were some chapters that had you searching in 10 different locations, picking up one or two items you needed to complete the potion. Use your stove shovel to collect some mud. It could have been longer. After the cut-scene use the door at the back to return to the entryway. Place your Note Paper next to the rack and use your pen to write down the numbers.

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  1. The puzzles ranged from very easy to having to think a little. Most are manageable, though the billiard balls drove me nut, don't even know how it worked. It's worth giving this one a try. Use the Powder Brush to clear the dust away from the picture on the wall to the right.

  2. Leave the Mausoleum. Place the Door Handle on the bathroom door. Use your mortar to make the Obatala doll. Take the bucket in the bottom left corner.

  3. Return to the swamp path. I recommend this to all mature gammers. Cut down the swing with the pocket knife and pick up the rope and set the ladder against the open window.

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