Surface: The Soaring City

Search for your brother, Jeremy, in a beautiful world where the sky is as wide as your imagination in the Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, Surface: The Soaring City! Jeremy was a great inventor who discovered a magnificent land soaring in the sky. He created wings for the people, making them free. The new citizens were happy...until one day Jeremy was kidnapped and blamed for conducting inhumane experiments. It's up to you to save your brother from imprisonment and redeem his good name.


Surface 4: The Pantheon CE [01] w/YourGibs - Chapter 1: Fixed the Train - Part 1 - START

A jump map, my favorite, and the map will let you know when you're finished with a scene as well as letting you know where something needs to be done. Your objective is to get the green sphere out of the grid and will have to do this in steps. Once you have the green sphere in the upper right corner you will have successfully completed the puzzle. You must next click on the button at the top left to see if you have done this correctly. Place KEY from inventory into keyhole and turn to open it. Go back to the front of the house. There are eight chapters of regular game play and once you complete them there is a bonus chapter. As you place items in your inventory, they will be shown along the bottom of the screen which activates by placing your cursor in that area which causes it to lift up from the bottom. If there ever is a CE worth buying, this is the one!! Take the BIRD into inventory. Puzzle two — Part 2 — Starting out in the position of the last image move the spheres to this position. The lights will now turn on.

Once you complete this a new game board will be exposed for part two of the puzzle. This is an item you will need in the game to proceed in completing another puzzle. Press the buttons in the sequence to complete this puzzle. Each series of steps is listed and there is a color coded image to help you find your way. They are not repetitive the way most hidden object games are. Listen to video cut scenes. Back up once. This is not a different ending but a separate quest that adds brilliantly to the story line so if you don't have the collectors edition you still have the full story in your game. Take the SOAP into inventory. Any key items to be placed in your inventory will be written in all capital letters. Watch the cut scene video and information that plays next. Once you do this the item will be fully assembled and then you may click on it. You must wait sixty seconds of any mini game before you can choose to skip it. I loved them, very nice and well done, indeed. Click on the OVEN to zoom in.

Pour ado Surface: The Soaring City celibataire 100

There were real actors instead of drawn characters which was a nice change. Click on the DOOR at the top of the stairs to zoom in. Surface: The Soaring City — You must not ever let a red ball sit directly next to the green or the entire board will reset and you will have to start over again. Watch the cut scene video with Jeremy. Hardcore Mode — The sparkles, hints, and skip buttons do not exist at all in this most challenging mode. Nice music and good background sounds. Zumas Revenge game — In this puzzle simply click on pairs of matching hangers to remove them. Take the HOOK into inventory. Take the CANE into inventory. It has a satisfying length although-I didn't want to stop playing and exploring! Walk down and move forward three times. When you correctly place a puzzle piece it will highlight and lock in place. Press the buttons in the sequence to complete this puzzle. Each time you exit the Mahjong Escape Ancient Japan it will be automatically saved and you will be brought back to that exact location and user profile when you resume game play.

I loved everything about it; not only for the happy ending to the story, but for the bonus content as well. Note — You will need to play into chapter two before you gather enough flowers to complete the first panel. See below for more information. In this guide you will be shown at least one possible solution for each mini game. You may skip them if you wish but they are critical to understanding the story line. Go to the Hall of Wings. I hope there are more forthcoming. The graphics are phenomenal!! Zoom into the panel; press the button R. Music put in places that really enhance the scene, visual quality that surpasses most other developers and when I am playing a game, I always forget its just a game and am totally immersed in the environment before me. Now rotate the four red balls as shown on picture 3 , then rotate the green man to the spot 4 to complete this puzzle. Their mouths move like they're talking a foreign language but you hear American. The HOP scenes were a little different, you use items out of your regular inventory to complete them, that was cool, except if you didnt have the item you needed you couldnt complete the HOP scene until you found it. Probably will play it again just to see if I can get all of the awards this time watch for those flowers--should be 3 in each scene.

Many thanks, GameHouse! The item will stick to your cursor and you can place it into your inventory Thw on another item to act upon it. Turn the lever I. Move forward twice and go up the ladder. I also met a Braveland Pirate person and never got credit for that either. Our QuickStart Guides are intended to provide you with all the essential information Haunted Hotel: Death Sentence need to access pre-existing walkthroughs. I loved everything about it; not only for the happy ending Heartwild Solitaire the story, but for the bonus content as well. You may be able to pick an item up, take a closer Surface: The Soaring City, or read information about it. To solve this puzzle Krotate and extend the five figures and Surfsce: them correctly onto the board. Active Window — When you click on areas which show a magnifying glass cursor you will open another Surfac: which is active for a closer look. Go down once then forward.

Take the RING into inventory once the soap loosens it. Click on the inventory tab first. Zoom into the control panel; turn the key D. Remove the red flower circled in red. When you find an object that is useful to you a summary screen usually after the completion of a HOS a summary will appear telling you that the item is found and will be placed in your inventory. Once you see one it is added to the map menu. Return to the original scene by moving down once. Click to the far left of scene and go forward once. Loved the storyline, gameplay, Hops and puzzles. The door is now unlocked and you may go inside. Mini Game — The objective here is to place the four magnets in such a way as to cause the solution to hit the butterfly at the far right. If you do not have FunPass Membership to try this game to its fullest, do so now or go ahead and pay for the game like I used to do before joining FunPass because you will not regret this purchase.

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  1. There are three grades of difficulty you can choose from: casual, advanced, and hardcore mode. Go back inside moving forward once. You will need at least thirty flowers to complete the first panel. When he works the wheel the cage will lift up. Click on the username to go to the profile menu and create a new one or change it.

  2. You will have to come back here later to finish this. Press the buttons in the sequence to complete this puzzle. You may hover your mouse over the various areas to see what kind of achievements you can earn.

  3. Go down once then forward. You may now proceed and locate the hidden objects on the task list shown circled above. My special detail awards go to the hamster, red bluejay, flying cat, Ivanhoe the android and searcher bird.

  4. Walk down and move forward. Once you have the green sphere in the upper right corner you will have successfully completed the puzzle. Take the RAIL from inventory and place it on the track.

  5. Zoom into the coat; put the PIN on the bag M and open the bag. Key Items are items which are necessary in order for you to progress in the game. Solution — The buttons you need to push are numbered in the image above press on them in the order 1 to 4 as shown in the image to open the safe.

  6. Watch cut scene video. I loved the storyline and fantasy theme. Read the NOTE inside and take flower on note.

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