Maestro: Notes of Life

Stop the young prodigy and save everyone from his evil plans in Maestro: Notes of Life! A missing girl has been lured away by evil music and now its up to you to save her in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Find the source of the music by scouring beautiful locations and put an end to the deadly tune. Solve tricky puzzles to become a hero and complete your journey in Maestro: Notes of Life!

Add the three balls. Leave the cellar and enter the workshop on the right. Add the sprayer pump and sack of bug poison to the table. Move down twice. Rearrange the instruments so from left to right, they are the flute, contrabass, cello, drum and trumpet. Take the wheel. Add the sieve and the bag. Advanced mode has a longer filling Hint and Skip meters and active areas are not indicated by sparkles. Add the paper, then the branches. Take the pliers. Hidden objects screenshots will only highlight yellow circles the items added to your inventory and actions white circles needed to find items. Click on the pile of rope on the floor. Pick the note off the floor and read it added to journal.

I really liked the challenge! Put the books on it. Click on the chest on the table. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by sabinesa from What a wonderful game There was just so much right with this game. Enter the building on the right and go forward. Go into the workshop on the right. Use the sickle to cut the grass and take note of the numbers added to your journal. Take the diagram from the column. Take the emblem. Take the metal rose. Remove the cork with the corkscrew, then add the hose. Open the bag to take the bone. Open the cabbage to find the snail V.

Ecolo Maestro: Notes of Life chretien

Take the RUBY when the board opens. Note the Maestroo: of the bow ties K. Mosaic tiles purple are added to your inventory. Take the razor. Add the emblem. Click on the burning bowl on the right. Click on the top of the Maestri: not the centre. Put the sack of bug poison into the container, then add the sprayer pump. You must return the instruments to the skeletons. Use the arrow buttons D to rotate the maze and place the blue ball E into the red hole F. I really liked the challenge! Open the lamp to take the bagel. Use the scissors to cut the flower.

Add the wet fuse to get the fuse. She gives you keys. Turn the valve. Click on the pile of skulls to the right of the stairs. Use the buttons to move the butterflies over the roses. Use the chisel on the barrel to find the grapes W. Take the ring. I didn't miss it as there is a logical path through the areas. Move down two scenes and enter the door on the right. Exit the office, walk down then take the right stairway. Move down one scene and go through the door on the left. This ones delivers like all the rest. Click on the xylophone. I really liked the challenge!

Click on Liife levers to see how they move the musician. Open the purse and take the Zumas Revenge. Return to the sewing room move down five scenes. Reassemble the roof. Walk to the left. Reassemble the violin according to the instructions in your journal. Click on the pipe. Click on the desk.

Take the chisel. Use the can opener on the can to find the olive U. The hint button does take a while to recharge and tells you there is nothing to do here. Move down two scenes. Leave the room. Take the deck. Open the bag to find the brooch I. Take the clef from the plaque. Place the head and leg on the body to make the doll J. Open the drawer to find the duck and the fish D. Stand the chair upright T. Solution: Take the flask of acid. Put the four cards in the box for the box of cards. Reassemble the bust.

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  1. Use the stick to prop up the grate. The hint button does take a while to recharge and tells you there is nothing to do here. Take the gun it drops. Click on the newspaper. There are three difficulty settings.

  2. Take the torch. Use the flask of acid on the lock. As there is no reset button, a step-by-step solution is not possible.

  3. There are many solutions for this puzzle. Return to the lecture room and select the cabinet for a HOS. Watch the introduction video. The little boy and girl were adorable.

  4. I played in hard mode, so you get no clues to what to do next. Click on the symbol above the door. A wire is added to your inventory.

  5. Below is a screenshot of one possible solution. Exit the stage and theater, then on the left path, go forward twice. Enter the right side of the manor. Add the two dolls. Swap the pieces to arrange the busts.

  6. Just like the first Maestro, this game was a lot of fun to play! After the statue falls, take the medallion. Take the stitched curtains. The Hidden Object Scenes were nicely interactive, although some actions seemed a bit unrealistic, and the stationary objects were at a good level of finding difficulty.

  7. Turn the keys so all the bolts are extended. Click on the gramophone. Click on the puddle in front of the tree on the right. Add the clef and the lyre.

  8. Add the keys. Click on the puddle in front of the tree on the right. Take the stone. Click on the coffin again.

  9. Find all the objects. Take the fishing lure. Walk up the stairs F. Return to the sewing room move down five scenes.

  10. Click on the firepit. Return to the underground passage move down, take the left path, move forward, go through right door, go through left door, go out onto balcony, climb down the balcony, move forward and go down the passage. Swap the pieces to arrange the busts. Click on the vines. Click on the broken hand.

  11. Click on the table. Click on the skeleton. Scissors are added to your inventory. Use the scissors to cut the curtains.

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