Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy

Mel has gone into hiding after she discovers she can use magic. To make matters worse, wicked creatures called Darklings keep popping up, convinced that Mel is the prophesied one who will build a dark empire for them. Edward, her best friend, eventually finds her hiding in the village of Harakauna and has brought help! Can Mel learn how to use her magical powers for good? Find out in Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy, a fun Strategy game!

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She bids him to leave. Return to Clearwater and pick up the shears on the ground see yellow circle for location on the Clearwater map Return to the cave entrance and use the shears Enter the cave and flip the lever Watch the water and then flip the lever again Place the pipes and flip the lever again Go outside and into the temple You need 3 Starcrystals the 3 orbs ; get those if you haven't already done so Place the Starcrystals Pick up the Golden Rainbow Mosaics: Treasure Trip Return to Mt. I found Healing Magic very useful throughout the game, but Waterscape Solitaire: American Falls is little difference between Storm Magic and Dark Magic. Find a cave entrance in the west. Whichever queen you choose, they will both turn their sister into dirt. The statue will shoot the arrow to the rock blocking the way, destroying it. Woo the girl of your choice with gifts. Go out and back to the Sparkle Unleashed in the northwest that I told you to ignore. Restore the Star Temple in Dire All-in-One Mahjong When you enter the temple, you will get a scene telling you that you need to find clues. Cross the bridge, follow the path and enter the cave. Take the gel. You can only dismount when Brain Games: Chess shadow is on flat ground. In the southeast of the village is Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy apothecary. To solve the puzzle of the nine treasure chests, open them in this order: 1.

Give him some coins to play for you and leave. For a quicker exit, go to the slime farm and pull the lever by the door. The professors give Mel and Edward tokens and tell the two younglings to enroll in Shadwood Academy. Each girl requires a different number of gifts to want to marry Edward. The thieves knew this and had been blackmailing Lady Anara. You only get to choose once. You may have to use some of your most valuable items to survive, but once you find the cursed object, the route home is fairly direct. In the hole, you discover a key. It says that a professor in the school believes Mel was the target of the attack and she should talk to the guard at the entrance of Veldarah in the morning for additional instructions. Blow the snowballs off the stairs and then go west. Bottom left 6. Collect the final fly.

Take the pile of dirt from the throne and open the treasure chest beside it. He is standing by Prohpecy fire. When the Daekthrop is empty obtain the Tomb Key on the bedstand. She gives you a pretty fan. At the Bali Quest, the mysterious cloaked stranger will appear again and open a hidden door. Go west to the Blueleaf Forest and gather flies. Then, report back to Professor Yavara. The castle is in the northwest.

The world is safe—for now. Middle right 4. Sleep at the Inn Head into the tomb and pick up items. Note: Have Edward consume Mandrake to increase his capacity for magic. Speak to Gabrielle and purchase the medallion for gold coins. The front door is locked. When Edward threatens to stake her she complies… by biting Galahad! Go back into Dire Woods and find the merchant again. Grab the money bag to the west and go east. Return to Green Rock Temple and place the three starcrystals. He strikes Mel down because she is of no more use and a battle with Mordred Darkthrop and his minions ensues. Enroll in two classes plus Introduction to Magic. Loot the chests and then go up the middle path, where Stella will get a pleasant surprise. Go to bed.

You will need a rope to find it, so they give you one. Go through the Demon Caves to an exit that takes you to the Demon Plains. He would give anything to have his own arm bone back. There is a statue of a woman holding a bow pointed at the boulder. Come back later, if you like, to collect the manuscript and bring it to the publisher in Verdala, who lives just inside the city gates. Go out and back to the exit in the northwest that I told you to ignore. The apothecary will fix you a cure if you bring him a wyrd vegetable. Reach out to the restored portal. Click on the entrance of a pen to shut its gate and keep the slime inside. Make sure you heal up with bread when necessary. However, if you give the ghost doll from the Missing Daughter quest in Thornkeep to the girl, they will both leave and you can get the key. Go outside and talk to Helga. Buy new weapons and armor, use the sword station, heal up and go explore the rest of Riven Forest.

The party must go to Mysten Far and consult the priestess for help. Edward leaves to find the fighters quarters and the Head Master tells Mel to check in with Professor Yavara. He falls into the portal just before it winks out. Besides, one can imagine what wondrous things could be accomplished using it. Return the laundry to Wyona and collect 10 gold coins. When Mel awakes she is disoriented. Go south but the man is gone. Collect one and return to the apothecary. Collect treasure and fight for loot before getting the fly in the southwest clearing. When you try to enter the cave, Jemite will catch up with you and join your party. Mel has learned to control her magic and almost has enough credits to leave Veldarah. Go through the maze until you find the star.

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  1. When you have the key, go back out and go to the top exit of the two exits in the south. You can close the door of the pen as you chase down the next one. When all the wisps have been defeated, attack the hive. Place the bits of pipe you found on the two open ends and then pull the lever. Before you leave the den, enhance Shard.

  2. His health is restored and he rewards you with a cave key. The judge and sailors leave. According to her, curses are delicious. Go the gem dealer.

  3. Two darklings appear calling Mel Mistress of the Dark. He reluctantly agrees to let you stay. In the third cave, first go north and buy the ice pick from the dwarf merchant for 2 topaz and 2 opals.

  4. Kill the first two wisps with magic, then go back to your dorm to heal up. Take it back to the apothecary, who will make some poison. Woo the girl of your choice with gifts.

  5. Then you can defeat Mel. The stone orb turns purple. You will find a series of locked gates with riddles to which the answers will be one of the capitalized words from the riddle.

  6. Exit the cave again. Then go in the water. When in battle target Specters first, as they can heal and raise fallen Hell Hounds. Near the southwest corner of the map you can go straight west past some trees to a cave entrance, or you can go north and down some steps.

  7. An underling, Yemite, will join you, as you need to go and find Mel in Underfall, which can be entered through a cave under a temple on the Northern Isle. Collect one and return to the apothecary. Look at the maps to navigate around these areas.

  8. Enter the Dire Woods. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to how to complete Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy. Go into the Almirk Jungle gathering loot.

  9. Riddle: Without me, all else is lost. Enter Sheian Lyr and stock up on better weapons and armor. She will retain her chicken dance spell, though! Go into the Almirk Jungle gathering loot.

  10. One at a time, target the others straight away. Then go down the steps south of the signpost. You need something to cut them down.

  11. In particular, get Shard, the sword, for 48G. Go back into Dire Woods and find the merchant again. Edward states that they have been sent by the oracle to retrieve the Stone of Aya.

  12. According to the her, the world is in great danger. The next day, the school has been cleaned up and things are relatively back to normal. Find the dwarf in the mine who is selling an Ice Pick and purchase it. Note: Have Edward consume Mandrake to increase his capacity for magic.

  13. And no procrastinating. Use it to upgrade Shard. There are 7 bugs in the forest in total.

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