Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery

FBI Agent Claire Ellery has a knack for getting assigned strange cases. The latesta triple kidnapping in a small, unknown town. But what initially seems like an open and shut case soon unravels into something much more sinister. Follow the tarot cards left by an anonymous source and search mysterious hidden object scenes for clues to help Agent Ellery rescue the kidnapped girls and stop an evil ritual in this chilling puzzle adventure game.

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NOTE- This may not work for your puzzle as they vary. The drops will fall randomly from the 3 tubes A, B, C. Once the lid is open, click on the engine to get a closer look. Go back to the Study. Go to the Basement. The camera pieces are highlighted yellow in Mystery Tales: The Lost Hope screenshot. Click on gas can circled in red above which will go into your inventory. Walk through the steel door into the surveillance room. Chapter 5: Ryde Corporation Look at the purse of the woman on the left. They are color coded by the outer edges of the card. Click on the horn circled in blue and it will go into inventory for a mini game. For the long button, click and hold the Ping button from the moment it enters the center square and release it as soon as the long button is completely green. The two screenshots show you two possible solutions for this puzzle. The paper gives you coordinates that you must follow in order to unlock the chest that is on the floor of the Tree House. Go back to basement.

The tape will mend the cables. Click on the door to the control room to enter that scene. Foyer This is just an access area for other parts of the house; there are no items to pick up here. Walk through the right door, into the laboratory 2. Your goal is to place the torch in the right spots so the bricks on top get illuminated. You will need to access this area before you can play both mini games. Please read below for a brief description of each. You can use the arrows on each side of the joystick to move the claw from side to side. Click on area in green to access a closer look. Blue Tarot Cards — will show you a list of items that you need to find in that scene. Exit to the hallway and walk to Apartment Return to the bedroom and look at the box to the right of the window. Go back to the Study. Nodes will be connected correctly when they light up.

Take ladder from inventory and place it as shown in image above. Once the ladder comes down, go inside the Tree Case:s. The red card solutions are in the Witches Legacy: The Ties That Bind Collectors Edition image and these cards are also color coded for the answers. Shoes are circled in red, mirror in blue and drum in green. Each Totem Tribe that you shoot that has a flag will count against you and will decrease your counter by two. There is access to the warehouse by clicking on the right side of the green and yellow tent. Place the coins in the coin slot that is on the right side of the machine.

You may or may not have hidden objects in the closer look picture. Exit the garage and return to the cellar. Exit the storeroom; then walk left and then right. Study Here there is a green tarot card circled above in blue. The hints are unlimited but you do have to wait for them to recharge before you can use them again. You must now place the mirrors in the correct location as seen in image above. Click on the horn circled in blue and it will go into inventory for a mini game. Enter the repository. Inside Warehouse Click on the blue tarot card circled above and find all of the items on the list. First Lock Number When you input the coordinates: v 40, h 40 on the telescope, you will see the picture of the lighthouse. Tree House Puzzle Click on the piece of paper that is on the table for a closer view. You cannot start the engine without gasoline, so you might as well put it in later. Assemble the pieces until they look like the image in the solution above. Hall Pick up the green tarot card that is on the lower center of the scene, to the right of the fireplace.

The handle is circled above. When the negative symbol shows up, make sure that you turn the dial in the correct position. Ladder Usage Place the ladder on the side of the house and to gain access to the Bedroom. Look for the items on the list, once the tarot card is revealed. The bullets are in the lower center of the ground, next to the crate. Once you finish finding all the items on the list, go back to the outside of the warehouse. There are four differently shaped mirrors in your inventory: round, square, oval, and hexagon shaped. The nail file has to be moved in a certain order for it to be successful. Take the second green card and find all the items. Click on the both boards to get rid of them. Two of them are visible in plain sight, and the last one is hidden in the locker. Walk to the reading room and look at the disc table in the center of the room. Lawnmower -green, violin — blue, Bicycle — red, and ladder — yellow.

There is a grate on the floor. Find all of the items requested on card. Gears — When you see two silver gears appear in the scene, it means that you need to solve a puzzle or use one of your Key Items on that item. The hint can also show you an item, or door that you need to investigate. Click on the picture of the Street in the lower left corner to go back over there. Second Lock Number When you enter the coordinates: v , h 0, you will see the picture of the house. When finished exit back to Study. To obtain the crowbar, click on the crate that is in the lower left corner for a closer view. Enter the cellar; look at the close-up of the dumb waiter 3. Click on it as soon as you get a good view. Click on the powder near center of bed and it will go into inventory. Your goal is to move all three rings so they line up with the four colored lights in the middle. Click on the tall cabinet for closer access and click on key in center of garment which will go into your inventory. Bedroom Use the keys in inventory to unlock the jewelry box on dresser. Go back to the Circus and play the Grabber mini game.

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  1. Go back to the first floor of the lighthouse. When a puzzle piece is in the right spot, it will lock itself in automatically. Pick up the powder that is on the bed.

  2. The Study is in the upper left side of the scene. Hints do not work in this section! The screwdriver is required in the next scene and it is circled in the image above it will go into your inventory. Click on the matches and they will go into inventory merging with old cloth, stick and fuel and will emerge in your inventory as a burning torch.

  3. Make note of the music box and the ventilation duct. Press the round button when the claw is positioned correctly, and the claw will try to pick whichever stuffed animal is in its path. Find all of the items requested on card. Green Tarot Cards —will show you silhouettes of the items that you need to find in the scene.

  4. The Attic is in the upper right side of the scene. Go back to basement. The handle is on the lower center of the scene, close to the foot of the bed.

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