Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches

Jump into this Adventure game and explore a haunted farmstead in Wales called Ty Pryderi! Chris has been asked to house-sit, and is while the Sullivan's take their daughter Rhiannon away for a break. Rhiannon has been severely psychologically affected by strange supernatural happenings at Ty Pryderi, however, her parents think it is just teenage angst. Discover dark secrets in Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches!

The well is covered and has a chain holding it closed. Once combined you can see that there is a little flashing star on the slate and Roman numerals at the top. She was never found. The door opens and you can enter. Look left of the door and down to find a pot with the key underneath. Zoom out then go forward and enter the bathroom. Maybe a ladder is needed to access the roof space here. Use the rock on the glass to break it. Turn round and exit this room. He wants Rhiannon. The book mark is a recipe for making bread. Reading the printout it would seem that Rhiannon was correct. Open one piece of slate from your inventory by right-clicking on it then left click and drag the other pieces over to combine it. If you explored the grounds earlier, you will have come across an old barn at the end of the woodland path. There is a brush cutter similar to the one you saw on the pin board in the study.


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Continue back down the steps and take the right hand path the left fork you chose not to take earlier. Maybe this is the study that Malcolm mentioned. Try the door handle. The stone tilts back. According to the Mabinogion paper we still need Alices Adventures in Wonderland find the cradle and the claw. Enter the study and click on the MP3 player that you put on charge. Go back to the stairs. Turn left to see another twig. Go towards the stairs. Return there and find that you can now push the smaller stone back to reveal another piece of slate with similar markings. Turn back and take the path round the side of the house. He wants Rhiannon. Zoom out and zoom in on the area with the large petrol and oil cannisters.

Click on the book. There is a bowl which cannot yet be taken. Also note that Rhiannon Wallace says she felt really ill when she was near a large holly tree. Turn to face the workshop doors and note a contraption on the shelf above the doors. Pick up and put down the glove. Zoom out and click on the recipe book on the far right of the top cupboards. Someone or something wants you to stay. Go downstairs and take the advertisement flyer. Exit the shed and turn left, forward and left again and zoom in on the workshop double doors which are padlocked. Return down the woodland path, and notice another twig on your right. As you pass the house, turn right and go forward to enter the patio area where there are 2 doors. Use the lighter to light it. There is an MP3 player on the table.

Pantry Go forward to the end of the room. Unfinished room As you enter the room, the Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches swings round. The stars on the slate correspond with the stones on the wall covered by moss. The printer seems to have a paper jam if you try to press the flashing button. Exit the room and FFour into the room on the right. He is suggesting to Rhiannon that it might be The Golden Years: Way Out West if she takes a rubbing of the standing stone. It showed a picture of a cradle. As you zoom out of the final section of wall you are met by a spirit in tbe form of Ryiannon: ball of light. Turn around and take one step down the steps. Once you have saved your first game, you can use the space-bar to skip the opening sequence and go Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist to the main menu. Zoom in and open the freezer. You need to find somewhere to charge it perhaps. The game begins as you lock your car Brancues push open the farm gate that leads to the house and grounds.

Leave the workshop. Try it in the fire but something else is needed first. To the left is a battered old car. Click it to look up. The hall lights up but you still cannot leave. An ancient battle for revenge engulfs Ty Pryderi, the remote Welsh farmstead Rhiannon now calls home. Note that you can now scroll through three tracks on the MP3. You will notice that the computer is flashing that you have new mail. Turn round and continue past the house. The Terminus As you arrive you will notice a building on your left. Click inside the drawer to take part of the drawer lining under which is a paper about the Mabinogion legend. Continue to where the river stops your progress. Could this be related to Ty Pryderi?

Zoom out and notice a cog on the desk. Take the black cap off the brush cutter then use the measuring jug to fill the brush cutter tank with the correct amount of fuel. The one on the right is locked. It is a good idea to open the bolt on this door for later. You need a password. Click inside the drawer to take part of the drawer lining under which is a paper about the Mabinogion legend. Have a go at using the Ogam dictionary to translate the stone rubbing yourself. Then you must start afresh on the next column. Turn right and right again to face the sink. Pick up and put down the piggy bank and the leaflet from Malcolm asking Rhiannon to download some music for him. Someone or something wants you to take the note about downloading tracks from Malcolm. Exit the living room by the door nearest the TV to enter the hall.

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  1. Zoom out and turn right. You encounter the wrath of Llwyd. Leave the workshop. The diary must have belonged to the Rhiannon mentioned in the email that Jon received from the lady who used to belong to the commune.

  2. Turn around and see a twig lying on the ground. A Russian version appeared in , translated and distributed by Logrus. Zoom in and open the top cupboard on the right. The orchard Zoom back from the jetty and take one further step along the path. Rhiannon has been scared to the point of insanity by the ghostly noises and apparitions.

  3. Put it back and zoom out. Turn round and go back towards the front door. Once the game has begun, you will be able to save your game in one of the hundred save slots. Take the measuring jug. It is a good idea to open the bolt on this door for later.

  4. Click it to rattle the sill and expose an old photograph of what looks like the Ty Pryderi house, but it looks like it has had a serious fire at some time. There is a can of RD20 lubricant, a spanner and a note about a torque wrench. Press the switch on the middle machine in the stack of three machines.

  5. If you take a dead mouse, you can flush it down the toilet in the bathroom on the far side of the cloakroom. Read the diary on the front seat. Transforming objects by consumption Return to the standing stone. The area is now lit and can be explored.

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