Urban Legends: The Maze

During the finale of The Maze, an incredibly popular reality show, the transmission is mysteriously stopped. Now you've been hired by the families of the missing contestants and it's up to you to find them! Discover what really happened during the taping as you explore the incredible set and use your Hidden Object talents to proceed in Urban Legends: The Maze.

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One spot in the game kinda bugged me--I mean why would an arcade game be placed in the midst of wreckage, but all Urban Legends: The Maze all a great smooth flow and graphics. Take the KEY casket from inside the radio F. The puzzles were not too difficult and the storyline was well thought out. Put 4 Blue crystals in the bottom opening. Go back inside the plane. This constellation is Scorpio, which is a Water sign. To the side of each of the quadrants is a symbol that indicates what type of tile should be in that square. Reception Leggends: the exit door to zoom Thf. Look Elizabeth Find MD: Diagnosis Mystery the ruler Rescue Team 5 find the symbol over 1, then use the arrows in the Air section to change to that symbol. To solve this puzzle, move all the red blocks to the bottom and all of the blue blocks to the top. It was definitely Ubran up for Te at the end. Place the books so the bars on the bindings match F. The ending was The Enchanting Islands and a true cliff hanger. Plane Click the dynamo machine on the table to zoom in. Place the Batteries into the square space in the middle.

Hall Click the electric panel on the right wall beside the storage room door for a closer look. Traffic lights will alternate from green to red and back before each turn. For a SE it was very long. I was surprised at the length of the game - just when I got to where I figured the game was over, there was another final part to complete leaving a twist at the end. Use the Scalpel to cut off the Rope hanging from the ceiling lamp. Go back inside the plane. Because it held my iterest, I found it fairly fast paced. Plane Click the arcade machine to zoom in. Move the tiles so all the gears are moving. Once the hidden object scene is complete, you will receive a Thermal Camera. Find the symbol on the ruler F. It isn't short, nor is it long.

Click a number tile to swap it with the center tile; however, the center tile itself cannot be moved. My granddaughter found it on my laptop and began playing--of course she's the smartest 11 year old in living history--and the intrigue that captured this gamey old lady has now captured another generation. Look at the bottom section to see the Fire section wants the symbol for 11 H. To solve this puzzle, set the fluid level in each of the tanks so that the water level reaches the blue line. Click a shield that is Argonauts Agency: Chair of Hephaestus Collectors Edition by tiles to rotate its adjacent tiles clockwise. Note the broken cart H. Add the two Numbers from your inventory to the box to start the puzzle. Move the casket one space at a time until you land on the same spot as the skeleton. If the sum of the center numbered tile and the two tiles directly opposite it add to a sum of 18, then their corresponding arrows will change from blue to green. Urban Legends: The Maze the Green Crystals inside the open can. Return to the well area.

Click the sandbox to zoom in and take the Glass Cutter. You will earn the CAGE. I don't know how I missed this when it first came out but glad I found and purchased it. Take the KEY torso from the slot X. To solve this puzzle, close the valves to stop the flow of fuel to the three exit pipes on the right side. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Plientje from older game, but fantastic!! Click the revealed luggage compartment to start the hidden object scene. The basic story has been detailed by others so a quick recap is that there is a reality show called The Maze airing the finale when the transmission is mysteriously stopped and contestants have disappeared. I think this game does both. To solve this puzzle, correctly place all of the dragon tiles on the board on top of the box to solve the puzzle. A ball will continue to move until it hits an obstacle, such as a wall, a block, or another ball. Hall Click the white door on the left wall to zoom in.


Let's Play Urban Legends: The Maze [Part 1]

Captivating story that keeps you wanting for more! Add these colors to the beaker: red x2, green, and blue x2. Scaffold Click the paint can to zoom in. Note the symbols on the sign J. Once the hidden object scene is complete, you will receive the Number 3 tile. Return to the cemetery. Place the Statue Arm from your inventory on the broken part of the statue. Pleasant surprise, if your not playing into the wee hours of the morning trying to finish as I was and had to stop to get some rest. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by friendsafire from Found it! Reception Click the water mill to zoom in. Add the two Capacitors from your inventory to the holes at the left and right side of the machine. Use the Saw from your inventory to cut through the chain, then click the Ladder to add it to your inventory. Turning a fuse will effect the surrounding fuses. Climb up the rope ladder G.

Basement Click the Egg on the side of the plane to zoom in. Some are interactive. I couldn't just blow right through these, and yes, sometimes I had to use the hint button on that last item I just couldn't find. Use the Dog Medallion from your inventory on the inset of the box under the cerberus. The art work was great and I liked the story line. The top opening needs an amount of Green crystals equal to 3 Purple crystals, and the bottom opening needs an amount of Blue crystals equal to 3 Purple crystals. This constellation is Leo, which is an Fire sign. Most puzzles, when solved, provide one item that is used almost immediately somewhere nearby. Take the dead Batteries out of the back of the now Empty Remote. Select the rear area for a HOS M. I highly recommend this. Look at the skeleton and take the map K. Move the tiles so that all the pipes are connected Y. Return to the house, then walk forward through the gate on the right I. You are hired by the families of the missing contestants to find their loved ones and discover what really happened during the taping.

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  1. Take the KEY torso from the slot X. Walk down to the first room. Walk down to the other room. Look at the bottom section to see the Water section wants the symbol for 10 P.

  2. Plane Click the chains box to zoom in. Click a block to move it into an adjacent empty space. Take the Thimble from the opened compartment. Note the roots of the tree L.

  3. Hall Click the white door on the left wall to zoom in. Return to the crane and the cage. Click the shield for a closer look.

  4. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Plientje from older game, but fantastic!! To solve this puzzle, place the correct amount of green and blue crystals into the top and bottom openings, using the formulas written on the door. The storyline is intriguiging and suprises more then once with its twists and turns. It was definitely set up for one at the end.

  5. Scaffold Click the laser grid to zoom in. Take the KEY torso from the slot X. Note the work table B.

  6. Return to the inside of the house. And much more than that, but I can not give away too much, now can I Click a ball to select it, then click up, left, down, or right to move it in that direction.

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