Secrets of the Lost Caves

By some subconscious dream, follow the story of a young woman exploring a fantasy world full of unique treasures! Search for items in colorful and exotic locations. Complete challenging quests and find your way to this world’s best kept secrets!

When done, a path of stepping stone is made. A new path is now accessible under the overhang. Collect items - Go to the entrance of the dwelling and pick up stag antlers by the cliff edge. Use brush on black pigment. Turn leftmost black bar to get the black knob up and then slide it to the left. Click on the colored squares and invoke the memory of Klem. Turn the bottom black bar to front and slide to right. Exit the alcove and go to the far end of the dwelling. Turn right and see an unlit fire ring. Collect the colors - Pick up the red pigment left of the stone below the colored squares. Clicking on the bottommost handprints selects that handprint. We're not going back there anytime soon. Pan Left and go into the cave with the Red square--click click--and you should be in a room with a totally different puzzle and on your way out.

This is his signature. She will help now. The object of the puzzle is to make the bull move. Learn about the musical stones. There is a subtitle option. Go to the flat rock with tools at back right of cave. Go back to fire pit area and place the wooden bowl with water in front of Toar. Talk to Tika about the water flowing - magic spring and Klem. The signs around can get you to the cliff dwelling. Go back to the other side and get embers from the lit fire pit by clicking the Auroch's horn on the fire. Turn post 1 to get the knob to front. Toar gives a wooden spatula. Use yellow pigment on reed for the body and black for the neck of bottom right stag. Bear fresco - Place the piece of the wall on the hole-black spot of the fresco.

Place piece of ice on shell left of fire to get melted ice. Place the oil lamp and then the headdress in front of Klem. When done, a path of stepping stone is made. He mentions another color. Talk to Tika about the wolves. Click on stick on the ground and click the stick on rocks on fire pit. If so - have a fun ride! Place right stone to middle. You might have to move the cursor-pieces slowly around the stationary ones to find the hotspot. The rocks are now on the ground. Take melted resin. Enter the ceremonial hall. Turn 9 post knob to the front.

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  1. Go back to stag fresco and use the wad of hide dipped in paint on it 3xs on active spots. When done correctly, watch the climb up to the bear ledge. Each opening has a colored square - black, clear, brown and red. Look down and take knapped flint. If unsuccessful the bear will attack.

  2. Click the stones to activate the puzzle. Animate second bull - Only 2 musical stones affect the legs of the second bull. Go to the flat rock at right of hall.

  3. Use the paddle to turn the salmon to cook the other side. Yep, you guessed it--another roomThis time go Straight into the cave entrance with the Brown square clicks 9. Go to the other lit shelf and take the figurine of woman, bone engraved with lion and the vertebra. You need to go through the cave entrance with the Black square this time--I did this 2xs --once it was directly ahead and the other time I had to pan to the right just a bit to find it-2 clicks-- 6.

  4. Klem wears the headdress. Take the sorcerer's headdress and the oil lamp. Step by step by looney4labs: Pick up all the torches and light then go to the cave entrance with the Brown Square on the Left and the Sun drawing on the Right side. Place the oil lamp and then the headdress in front of Klem.

  5. He gives Marcasite and a wooden recipient bowl for camomile tea. Turn rightmost top brown bar knob up and then slide it to the right. Clicking on them turns the column or the rows of the handprints.

  6. Turn top black bar knob to front and slide it to the left twice. Place the shaft on flat rock, harpoon point and strap to make a harpoon. He enters the cave unaware that, with this single step, his life will forever change.

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