Whispered Secrets: The Story of Tideville

Uncover the mysterious past of a sleepy seaside village in Whispered Secrets: The Story of Tideville! You and your son, Tim, recently moved to the small town of Tideville to make a fresh start. One peaceful autumn evening, you arrive home just in time to see Tim vanish into thin air! Armed with only your wits and a cryptic clue about a scientist, you set out to find your son. But you soon learn that Tim was not the first resident of Tideville to disappear... In fact, people have been going missing for years. But who is behind it all? And what do they want? Unravel the town's dark secret in this stunning Hidden Object game!


Whispered Secrets The Story of Tideville SURVEY first 20 minutes

Please let there be a follow on from this. You had choice of window or full screen and choice of cursor. Move the hat to reveal the Frog C. Main game time: Close to 6 hours. Zoom into sparkling scenes to trigger Hidden Object Scenes. The puzzles are quite easy at the beginning but after the middle of the game they are unique with interesting mechanic. The graphics for me were superb as I had no problems with them and the two boys Tim and Rudy are so cute. Move through the gate to the Near Canal. Return to the Crypt. Depending on your game play may be more or less for you. Descend to the Bell Tower: Ground Level. Collect the fifth Blue Crystal N. I also had no problems with the voice overs. Open the hatch and climb up to the Bell Tower: Balcony.

Take a right at the fountain to Street: Near Library. If you study the placements before starting you should be able to use a similar solution. Sound I kept full volume. HOS: There are quite a few scenes to this game. Loved the storyline and never wanted this one to end.. Collect the ROPE. Enter the Old Warehouse. Use these to help solve puzzles. Exit the Pub. What a brilliant game!!!! Return to the Orphanage: Near Old Shed. Return to the Library. The items in the HOS are random. Return to the Crypt.

Africaine Whispered Secrets: The Story of Tideville parodie hommes

A lot of going back and forth but that is part of the fun. Important clues will be placed in your journal F. Open the cover. But what you find is no mere hospital. We can switch between these modes at any time of the game!!! Place the bottle N under the pipe O to get the Bottle of Water. Sound I kept full volume. Further I've playing - more interesting the game become. Take a right at the fountain to Battle Slots Near Library. Collect the seventh Blue Crystal O. Millennium 2: Take Me Higher to the Orphanage: Near Old Shed. I didn't use it but checked it out and it stays where you last left it. Focus the telescope by spinning ring 1 three times, ring 2 three times, and ring 3 three times.

Zoom into the drain pipe; collect the ROD G. But on the eve of your wedding, your future mother-in-law is poisoned. Zoom into the machine. Return to the Cemetery: Near Crypt. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by HuldaX55 from Excellent game! To rescue her son from the Mad Doctor. Zoom into sparkling scenes to trigger Hidden Object Scenes. Return to the Orphanage Near Gate. Use the glue Q on the broken vase R and place the vase piece S to complete the Vase. Use the matches V to get the Burning Candle W. Use the paintbrush K to finish the Number 59 L. Opening Story: Hoping for a fresh start, you and your son Tim arrive in the quiet town of Tideville. The items in the HOS are random.

Zoom Mahjong Business Style the machine. One I finished after just a glance at the Guide. Return to the Crypt. Exit the Island Dock on the Boat. Enter the Library. The graphics are clear and colorful. I did not care for the music. Return to the Cemetery: Crypt Side View. Speak with Rudy and receive a clue. Take a left at the fountain to the Street: Near Cat on a Diet. What a brilliant game!!!! The beginning arrangement may be different each play through. The mom like most would go looking for her son while most would set and go boo hoo. You can also adjust your options: sound, music, and screen size. We've made sure to include plenty of screenshots clearly marking all key objects and detailed instructions to help you find the blue crystals and save your son Tim.

Walkthrough Table of Contents. There is no map but the global hint assists to find the missed zones, etc. Take the path to the right to the Cemetery. It also looks like this may be continued which I sure hope so but the bonus chapter also has a satisfactory ending as well. Great game!! I mainly played in expert mode and when I stuck I switched to regular mode and use a hint. Move the stone to reveal the Coin Z. You can view the number of crystals you have collected D below the Hint button. Sounds like an easy case… but things are rarely as they seem… Whispered Secrets: Golden Silence is definitely a game you should not miss! Move forward to the Bridge Over Canal. Move the blanket to reveal the Berries M. Once you arrive in Agora, things quickly take a dark turn as your friend is kidnapped by a malevolent sand spirit! Mask - When you are able to talk to characters during the game, your cursor will turn into a mask.

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  1. Zoom into the sparkles to play a HOS. Open the cover. Return to the Bell Tower: Top Floor.

  2. The bonus chapter you have to save the townspeople from the mad scientist. In regular mode we have hint button enabled in adventure scenes, in expert we have Task list instead with only list what we should to do. Press the red button L.

  3. The game took me over six hours to play. It also didn't bother me that there aren't a lot of puzzles to this game as I'm not a huge fan of these. Come on Part Two!! It also didn't bother me there are a lot of HOS to this game as after all it is a hidden object game so that's what I would expect to find in the game.

  4. There are 2 game modes easy mode with global hint and hard one for experienced players without the most of clues with list of tasks. Use the matches V to get the Burning Candle W. Move forward to the Bridge Over Canal. Arrange the dials as they are shown in the screenshot J.

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