Chronicles of Mystery: Tree of Life

For centuries people have risked their lives and committed unspeakable crimes to discover the secrets of The Tree of Life. Times have changed, but not human nature. Sylvie Leroux, a young archaeologist and adventurer, is working to solve the mystery that surrounds the legend, but is tempted by the same promises like so many others before her. Dive into Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life, a fun Adventure game.


Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life Walkthrough part 2

Des filles Chronicles of Mystery: Tree of Life personnes veuves serieux

Go to the grave with a candle under the palm Mahjong Christmas at bottom of screen. Immediately, pull back from close up and pull back to be at street. Sylvie Leroux receives a proposition of working for a museum in Brittany. Make a smoke bomb: In inventory combine the scissors and the flare to get open flare. Get the parcel: Go to Customs section - the counter at right. Click on vault and see the planets. Learn the history of Jasper, her grandfather. Place the mirror back on the hiding place. The clicked-selected dice are lighter than the ones that are not selected. She also goes to a cafe, which is not far away from her room. The base popped out a bit. Nothing is happening. The servant of the collector might be waiting for Sylvie at the cafe.

Search for the gun: Sylvie wants to find the gun. Open the roof of the building: Climb the platform. Use the candle to read the inscription on the stele. While the count was messing with the controls, Sylvie snuck in and got a gun. Take the completed map. In inventory use the thermos with tea with cup. Open the lid and use the cloth on the dirty glass. He wants to buy the ship for 1 million. Use the metal ring on the gate to hold the 2 gates together and keep the dog on the other side. Learn about what happened to Fatima's husband, the vase and Gibraltar. See a vision of a baldheaded man with an eye patch. Pull the front secret compartment and take the old manuscript. Claire gives the memory card. They want an autograph from the lecturer.

Take the wire brush. Read the paper with the Count's diagnosis - anxiety neurosis, nosophobia. After a brief discussion it turned out that he did not kill anybody, and Chroicles wasn't using Defense of Roman Britain for an item gain chronometer, chest, map, jug. In inventory combine the flour with the empty acrylic dye container to get container with powder. Click on red pointing down arrow. He gives the keys.

Talk to Fatima, the servant of the collector. The red arrows are the paths to tie the rope. Enter and go to Sarah. Look close at lemon on tree. Go to the containers left of screen and in front of the airship door. The medicine is not there. In inventory, look close at pistol with ramrod. Use the spatula-trowel on the protected letters. In inventory combine the pieces of cut up mask and the open flare. The DVD disk is needed to be in the drive to play. The player moves the character by clicking on locations shown in the main display; the scene will only crossfade when a character is finished with all the actions on the screen. Of course, she doesn't want to jump over the fence, fearing that the dog would attack her. While she was looking for a medication, an intruder snicked into Saint-Germain's room. They called out the native and ask him to free them. But Sylvie has her own take on it.

Sylvie wins, and received a response about a collector. She also explains the workings of the airship. You have 5 dice. Use the scarf on the window. Take hawser-rope, screwdriver and glue. Look close at wash basin. Open the yellow cabinet left side under the platform. Look close at lemon on tree. Look at the ringed floor decoration. Open the chronometer and see that there are illegible inscriptions. Get the flour. Close the safe. See a hole at bottom center of chest front. Briggs Put the police tape back: Exit the hall and look close at tape on meeting hall door. Look at junk beside right side the inn door.

Look at the panel and see the artifact fragment. Use the Count's cane on the door handle. Talk to the Innkeeper about Marcel. He has the other map. While he was interrogated by police, Sylvie tried to convince the cops that she made a mistake. Go back to the police station. Take the archeological tools: brush, cloth, silver cleaning substance, silver patinating substance, spatula and magnifying glass. Enter the inn and then Sylvie's room. Suddenly, Sylvie remembers that the count mentioned about a gun, which apparently, he keeps in his room. Go back in front of the police station. Double click on wicket at right. In there she washes the scarf.

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  1. A fragment is missing. Press the green 'copy' button. Take hawser-rope, screwdriver and glue. Copy the missing parts from scarf unto map copy: Sylvie says she can use a pencil and a bottled genie. Sylvie receives a call from Count Saint-Germain.

  2. Take the ladder. He doesn't remember his name due to amnesia , that was caused by an accident. The base popped out a bit.

  3. Marcel fell off the cliff. The Count has amnesia and can't remember some things after the plane crash. Go back through the curtains. He wants to buy the ship for 1 million. The valve is on position if it is aligned with the pipe and off position, if it is perpendicular to pipe.

  4. Combine soap with basin with water to get basin with suds. Open the gate of Palazzo Celeste: Look close at the portcullis. Double click makes Sylvie run.

  5. There are two moments in the game during which you have a time limit. Documents have papers collected by Sylvie. Sylvie thinks the Count killed Fatima.

  6. Take jug. Check the chest. His wife is the one that milks the camel. Look at the dirty antique jug on the coffee table.

  7. See a hole at bottom left corner of the left side of the chest. In inventory, combine the memory card and Dictaphone. She also explains the workings of the airship.

  8. Go back to room. So, she goes to a control panel, and changes the course. Ring 2 and ring 4 moves or affect each other. Look at the dirty antique jug on the coffee table.

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