Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of Wolfhill Collectors Edition

ERS Games returns with the next installment of the Shadow Wolf Mysteries series! After escaping as an infant, you and your father have been called back to Wolfhill. Your cousin sent your father the family symbol, which can only mean one thing... he's in danger from the same thing you ran from! Will your wolf curse help you save the day, or will it be your downfall? Find out in this hair-raising hidden-object puzzle adventure!


Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of Wolfhill Collector's Edition Gameplay - HD

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Main Deck Zoom in on the ballista. Swap the fighters on the left two at a time until they look like they are in the correct position A. Click the needle and thread B Solitaire Valentines Day 2 stitch a Cross on the pillow. Go through the cave. Window Ledge Look at the design on the window A. Click the shack to start a hidden object hunt. Use the diamonds between the circles to rotate groups of four. Zoom in on the door of the mausoleum C. Click the piece of Co,lectors B to make a Boat. Use the mace Tricks and Treats break the wall three clicks. Open the jewelry box A to find the Heart, Wollf and Pin. Use the magnifying glass A to find Australia. Only the green marble 5 can go between these two newly placed marbles. Laboratory Zoom in Editlon the sign.

Click the cabinets 1 and 2 expose all the objects. To the right of the body, click on the blue glass, then take it. When you are finished, an iron weight is added to your inventory. Go back to the ground floor D and return to the harbor. Click the ribbon B to reveal a Medal. Click to climb in and take the hammer. On the safe, add the safe handle and the safe key Note: if you have two keys, try both, one will work. Left Courtyard Examine the baby buggy. Put the planks across the moat 2. Leave the tent and take the left path to the caged wolf. Turn two cards face up. It rolls down the steps. Click the puzzle piece 1 and clock 2 to expose all objects. Click on the cart and take the screw.

Inspect the mailbox. Use the bucket of sand to put out the fire, then take the nail. Leave the room south. Click the patch A to uncover the Spring. Click the boards in the following order: 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3 see above inset for the numbering. Exit the ship. Enter the house through the window. Click on the scroll 1 and the chest 2 to expose all the objects. The equation is added to the Notes for future reference. Lighthouse Exterior Collectprs closer at the wooden basket dangling from the side of the Mystery Trackers: Darkwater Bay Collectors Edition. Examine the guest register B. Zoom in on the cannon.

Move tile 3 two squares right. Round Three. Click on the side of the tree to get the pocket watch. The flier for the hotel is added to the Notes. Follow the same logic to place a marble beside the yellow marble place marble 4. Mini-puzzle: Arrange the marbles in a hexagon so no same-coloured marbles are next to each other. Click the weight 1 and chest 2 to expose all the objects. Active zones are not indicated. The beams can intersect. Take the metal wheel and metal parts. Click the bag 1 and picture 2 to expose all the objects. Turn two cards face up. Take the path to the right.

Click on the hole in the wall 1. Click on the shelf right to start a hidden object hunt. Move the books. Open the helmet A to find the Skull. Go inside. The beams can intersect. Click the rag to expose all items. Move the green tile as indicated by the arrows A. The drawings show the position of each symbol. Use the SAW to cut down the tree at the end of the street. Cross the street to the laboratory. Go down to the main floor. Solution: G x 3; E x 5; H, G. When it opens, take the saw.

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  1. Rotate the bottom rings to match. Move tile 2 one square right. Solution: 1, 5, 9, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8. Use the pick to break the wall clicks and take the sickle.

  2. Enter the code by clicking on the numbers. Work the rings and continue swapping colors. Use the wrench to open the pocket watch, then take the lock pick.

  3. Click on the hole in the wall bottom left. Look closer at the door latch on the left C. Use the glass cutter to cut the glass, then press the handle.

  4. Solution: Go through the door. It is easy to play with simple interface and easy to download without any difficulty. Skull Tunnel Play the hidden object scene.

  5. Click the bead A to get the Abacus Bead Set. Click on the left stable door, then click again to look inside. Take the wheel.

  6. Start with the outer ring and match the tiles to the little bit of overlap on the edges. Open the trap door A for the Ladder to descend. Remove the cover from the brick pile A. When you are finished, a rock is added to your inventory. Wedge the spike into the lock and use the mallet to break it open.

  7. Remove the cloth hanging on the right to find the Belt. Take the puzzle piece, then use the metal claw to cut down and take the ladder. Solution: Take the cage. This takes three clicks, use the glove where the weeds are thickest.

  8. The results are shown in inset B. Place the only green marble can do this 2. After talking to Madlen, click inside the empty cage and take the lock of hair. Solution: Take the stained glass. Then click on the books and take the puzzle piece.

  9. Click the garbage pail beside the door left and take the puzzle piece. Complete one side first, then work to recreate the other. Click the front desk to start a hidden object hunt.

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