Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse

Escape the clutches of a legendary monster in Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse. A terrifying myth comes alive in Germany! Many years ago a monster stalked the German forest surrounding Castle Finster. According to locals and storytellers, the monster disappeared when it claimed a victim. Now everyone is frightened by the sights and sounds of something large stumbling through the darkness. Can you solve the mystery before the monster adds another chapter to this legend?

Dining Room Talk to Renate, telling her about the necklace and until all your conversation options are exhausted. An example solution is shown below. Click on the Musical Notes Quiz this will NOT be added to your inventory, but you should take note anyway — this will help you play the Glockenspiel later. You will automatically be taken there. Take note of the scales with cards on it. Nancy is in Germany at Castle Finster, there's a monster on the loose and Nancy's on the case! Take the path to the right. He keeps himself locked away in his office. A nice spooky atmosphere, all the characters are great, play Raid with Karl, explore the dungeon and the tunnels. Also, you could tell who the villain was pretty much halfway through the game so that's disappointing. Go forward until you see the chains on the wall. Granted, every Nancy Drew game gets tedious at a certain point as you start putting things together and the checklist begins to dwindle, but they usually pick up again as you get to the "game changer" event in each game. Security Room Sit down and take a closer look at the decoder on the right again. Speak with Anja until there are no more new conversations.

Homme Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse qui

He keeps himself locked away in his office. He's bringing foreign investors tomorrow. Return to the Castle Foyer and examine the Glockenspiel in the corner. BEFORE opening the furnace, click Turtix the sliding shield door on the left to slide it in front of the left side of the furnace, then click on the right door to open it. Page 1 of Woods Drw: here go: left, right, left, Jewel Match Royale 2: Rise of the King Collectors Edition, forward, forward curvedand forward again. Continue to talk to Karl. Lukas answers from above. Click to change to the Bavarian costume. Exit the planner and desk and go to the Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse with the Raid cards on the scales from earlier. Click on it to collect a coin. The next puzzle sequence is fairly difficult and will likely require you to restart a number of times. If you need money, play this board game or ask Karl.

The letter is unsent, though addressed to a former guest. Save game here. The other alcove has a puzzle box with colored glass tiles on it. If you collect enough coins, you might get an award. Proceed forward and back to the castle. See a door with Nancy's name on it. Turn around and notice a trap door on the floor beneath the relief. Enter through the passageway that appears and proceed inside. General Tips From the very start of the game, you can choose between two difficulties: Junior Detective and Senior Detective. There are private homes at top level of the buildings. Go forward to the white tiled solarium. See the plant is burning. The color of the square the player lands on determines what challenge is to be done by the player. Her suitcase just happens to be lost, too. Go forward, then turn left into the dead end with the boards on the floor.

Click the red lever again to trigger a puzzle. Exit the banquet room. Go to the end of the room, then turn around to see the toppled buckets of sand. From the shield, go forward twice, then turn left. Castle Landing Go back out to the main Landing area, facing ahead towards Battle Slots white marble floor down a few more steps. But they should! The gate is open again. Turn around, then proceed forward until you encounter a white door. Not all the coins that are in the game are noted in this walkthrough.

Turn around and proceed forward until you encounter the hanging animal skull. Learn that if Renate is given food; she goes to sleep. She is upset. The middle scale is highest and the right scale is lower than the rest. Exit the banquet room. Glass Shop Open the secret door via the furnace again and proceed down into the Dungeon. You can choose to exit by selecting the arrow that pulls away from the game. That one detail makes for a very slow start to the game. Learn about the glass display. This will be helpful in playing the glockenspiel. Go forward to the wide landing. Dungeon Continue to the relief on the back wall. The plot and the secluded setting definitely made me want to stop playing because I was doing the same things again and again. The costume looks familiar to Anja.

Turn around and return to the path, proceeding left. All the red lights should now be green and the cabinet unlocked. The bag at left is the inventory link. Inventory items are written in CAPS. Junior Senior Karl appears and raises the caste gate. As Nancy delves deeper into the case, she begins to fear that someone in the castle plans for her to be the monster's next victim. Enter the double doors. Before climbing to the central solarium, take the eagle phone charm from the wall by right stairs railing. Learn that Anja and Karl always fight. Learn that his game is being submitted to the International Board, Card Association for review. See that it is dark. Take the path across from the chains left to get to the wall with the tree. The diskette is used to save the game. The plot was interesting because it really captured the feeling of Nancy being in Germany.

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  1. They are either: heroes, monsters or magicians. Pull back to stop playing. Go forward to the hutch at end of the room. Get a call from Ned. The one redeeming quality of this game was that the voice acting was great, as usual.

  2. Take the German note. Karl says to put back the cards the way it was. Dining Room Proceed forward to take a closer look at the stained glass window.

  3. Learn about the glassblowing here at the castle. While in front of the stones, take the path that leads to the right. For now, exit the Dining Room back to the Marble Landing. That one detail makes for a very slow start to the game.

  4. Two possible solutions to the Junior puzzle. Click on the piece of cloth hanging from the portcullis for a clue. Lukas will explain how it works.

  5. A player turns the spinner at bottom left and moves on the board based on the number obtained. Turn around and notice a trap door on the floor beneath the relief. Once this has happened, turn left and notice a panel on the wall.

  6. It is from the woods. At the side room, go down the stairs. She will fall asleep promptly after eating it.

  7. I can't believe how awesome this game was! Remember that the scales were not even before. Enter the code to unlock the planner. Click on the main flap to open it, then look inside.

  8. Talk to Ned until the conversation ends. The plot was pretty good throughout the game but there were definitely plot holes and the ending was completely unsatisfying. Read the Case Files to learn about the present mystery case.

  9. Pick up the Cow Phone Charm. Thanks her interactive for making these games! Take the coin. Also, the bottom background can be changed.

  10. Take the legend clue page 25 from inside the book. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by laranangel from One of the best! Enter the Catacombs. Also, you could tell who the villain was pretty much halfway through the game so that's disappointing. Click on the coded area of the paper for a closer view, and to trigger a puzzle.

  11. Try the other language. Note: You can receive an award for collecting a certain number of coins. Now the security cameras have been activated. Now, turn around and proceed left.

  12. Talk with her using all the various conversation options. There are private homes at top level of the buildings. Use the TONGS on the red lever inside the furnace, then a secret passageway will open up to the left of the oven.

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