Chimeras: Tune Of Revenge

During a celebration, a mysterious organ grinder appears, selling fortune cards for a penny. When the first victim falls prey to a mysterious beast, you rush to discover who this organ grinder is and what he wants. He claims revenge for the death of an innocent man, but what really happened on that day thirteen years ago? And who is trying to cover it up? A web of lies and deceit await you in this darkened city that was once so full of happiness. Uncover the truth and unmask the true villain in Chimeras: Tune of Revenge, a thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

Tunisienne Chimeras: Tune Of Revenge android

Clicking this in a HOS will reveal Medieval Mystery Match location of one of the objects Adera your list. General Tips Difficulty When starting a new game, you can choose between one of three difficulty levels: Casual, Advanced, or Hardcore Mode. Well done, Elephant devs, you Chimeras: Tune Of Revenge created one of the greatest games of all times! Examine the fallen body. The entire game took me 5 hours and it was so incredibly fun and interactive. Return to the Hall. Depending on the difficulty of game you are playing, Hints vary in recharge time though they are unlimited by default Wizards Quest Solitaire, or may be disabled altogether. Easy navigation, nice map. Examine the hole in the stone wall on the left. Courthouse Take a closer look at the cart on the left again. Enter through the portal to return to the City Square. An incredible interactive Chimeras: Tune Of Revenge that keeps you on track, GREAT HOS, puzzles and over all, when this game comes to its conclusion that doesn't leave you hanging or scratching you head, you will sit in awe as I did over the quality of this game! Attic Take a closer look at the violin on the music stand on Brain Games: Mahjongg left. Narrow Street Examine the cart of barrels to the right of the gate.

Nice deep story and smooth although not surprising ending. Once the bridge is lowered, proceed across it to the Park. Monster House Take a closer look at the creature entangled in vines again. I've played a lot of bigfish games. Casual Mode features a relaxed gameplay session. Back in the main area, take a closer look at the pile of glass in front of the building on the far left. Not once did I have to squint or tilt my computer screen back. A definite game of the year contender!!! I found all of them. General Layout The Menu button is located in the lower right corner of the screen. Proceed forward to the Courthouse. Upon completing the area, the AXE will be added to your inventory. The title says it all! You can clearly tell this is a game from

Upon completing the puzzle, the safe will open, revealing a hidden object scene. Interesting cast of characters and intuitive play. Castle Tower Examine the table on the left again. Take a closer look at the small table on the Battle Slots side of the room. Take a closer look at the table on the right. I congratulate the creators of this game, you've done a beautiful job. Return to the Monster House. Proceed forward to the next area. Actually, considering the developer, there is surprisingly little bling. Upon completing the puzzle, click on the ROPE to add it to your inventory. Make your way back to the outer portion of the Monster House.

Take a closer look at the table on the right. As the game goes on, you go deeper in to the organ grinder's past, and you start to uncover the true story of love, jealousy and tragedy. Also, typos! Go down to the Kitchen. Start with the top branches, and work your way down. Open the door to revealing a hidden object scene. Make your way back up to the Attic. Sound and animation come together seamlessly to enliven the game, and the plot and pacing all work together to form a cohesive experience. A very different type of "journal" that is beautifully done and you will find yourself going back to it just to look at its beauty! Hints are unlimited, though they require a certain amount of time to recharge. Examine the torn portrait at the top of the stairs. Once you do finish the game, there is still more content to explore.

Lake Take a closer look at the docked boat again. Court Examine the tall cabinet between the two stained-glass windows. Items are not randomized, and therefore all objects will be shown in the guide below. Many hidden object segments require some form of interaction on your part before they begin like using a broom to clear away cobwebs and access the scene , which helps make them feel more intrinsic to the world rather than piles of junk for you to randomly click at. Not even the same game type. Attic Examine the bookshelf on the left. You will need to appease him before you can pass on to the next area. Exit to the outside portion of the Monster House. Way much better than Chimeras: Mark Of Death --don't get that one. I purchased this game because of the reviews on it, lol, so i figured i'd write one myself. Who inflicts a penalty for bribes and loves the shine of jewelry? Overall, a very fun game to play! Next, take a closer look at the donation box on the left pillar back in the main area.

You won't be disappointed with this one! Go down to the City Square. Items you collect will be stored here. Return to the Mansion. Cons: Music is annoying a bit -- and the opening uses an Edgar Allen Poe poem for a story that should have taken place at least a century before. Exit to the Lake. Mansion Hall Take a closer look at the small table on the left. After all The graphics were superb, the storyline was interesting and sad Proceed to the Clock Tower. The storyline was absolutely amazing. I own over games and I keep coming back to this one. It presented and extra sense of fear, and seemed to fit the story perfectly.


Chimeras: Tune of Revenge Walkthrough - Part 1

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  1. Take a closer look at the back section of wall on the left from which the scrolls are hanging. Alternatively, the interactive map will tell you what needs to be done in each location if you cursor over it. The chest will open automatically when the symbols are set correctly. Clicking this in a HOS will reveal the location of one of the objects on your list. Many games within the genre employ similar mechanics, but usually as a way to break up time between hidden object scenes and mini-games.

  2. Who was the prison for the one punished by mistake? Enter the Attic again. Swap the masks in the shop window to match the clues printed on the fans. The CE is definitely a game worth having in your collection. Examine the cabinet propped up against the pillars in the distance on the right, in front of the courthouse.

  3. Take a closer look at the table on the right. Bonus Content was worthy and, although gamer could not replay HOS or Puzzles, the game itself and all the masterful artwork and music well made up to maintain as a Collector's Edition. Back in the main area, examine the large globe. Swap the gems to make up rows of three or more stones of one color. Once finished, take a closer look at the top of the light post the ladder is propped up against.

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