Resurrection, New Mexico

After a terrible traffic accident Amy Walters finds herself trapped in Resurrection, New Mexico! Now she must work with lost souls to escape the dark and mysterious world that seems to have a mind and a will of its own in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Can you reach the other side in time to live again and reunite with your daughter? Find out as you attempt to escape from Resurrection, New Mexico!


Resurrection New Mexico C E Part 1 Walkthrough Gameplay Playthrough

Read the green-tabbed folder. Always move the cursor around a scene. A correct match eliminates the two cards. Solution: small dial — 30; middle dial ; large dial — Return to the front door. Chapter 1 — Pride Examine the floor; pick up the notice A. Enter the right tunnel. Read the fortunes Mrs. Use the retriever to attempt to get the doll out of the box. Go through the door to the office. The DIAL is added to inventory. Play the hidden object scene in the debris pile B. Go forward and down the stairs to the basement. Read the document on the car B.

Femme Resurrection, New Mexico des Г®les

Enter the building. Items spanning more than one square must have all squares beneath them Resurrection. Opening the lock triggers a hidden object scene. Head Resurrcetion. Click the dial until the frequency indicator is in the approximate place as the red line to hear a message. Head to the shop Dream Vacation Solitaire. The goal is to remove all Resurrection the chains by taking the Sparkle Unleashed chain each time. This puzzle is random. Look closer Resurrectiion the top of the windmill at the end Resurrfction the street. Go to the first room of the garage. Examine the door behind the elderly man. I really enjoyed this game. It also contains goals for a location or a character. Play the hidden object scene B. Play the hidden object scene on the dresser.

Play the hidden object scene in the baskets. Head into the bedroom. Return to the house. Examine the trunk to open a slider puzzle. Zoom in on the safe A. Click the light switch to turn on the lamp. But the overall game is so good, I highly recommend it. Insert the KEY in the padlock on the door. Back out and use the AXE on the door. Mend the wires with TAPE 3. Descend through the expanded hole in the floor E. A HOS will appear as soon as you open the locker. Play the hidden object scene.

But the Resirrection game is so Resurrection, I highly Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist it. Open the refrigerator door to open a puzzle. Make a note of the numbers: New Mexico Pick up the cell phone D. The best strategy is to place a box on one scale. Look closer at the top of the windmill at the end of the street. Click the handle to turn on the water. Good mini games. Inspect the broken table B. I really enjoyed this game. Solving the patterns unlocks the gate. Match the lines between the two Zumas Revenge panels.

Use them to open the cell door. Back out to the porch. Use the KEY to open the box. Play the hidden object scene by the locks. Examine the pile of sticks to open a puzzle. Cross the bridge into the cavern. Click the bucket by the wheelbarrow. I cannot recommend this game enough. Examine the box by the window to access a HOS. Examine the computer monitor to access a HOS. Go right to the entryway. But the overall game is so good, I highly recommend it. Inspect the electrical outlet B. Inspect the door on the left B. Place the DISC in the slot.

Inspect the baseboard B. Read the message that is slid under the door B. Go through to the classroom. It falls to the porch. Move the carpet. Return to the basement down three times. Talking to the shopkeeper A triggers a hidden object scene B. The goal is to move the tiles horizontally or vertically to clear enough space to slide the two locks inward. Use the KEY on the keyhole and turn. Go down to the basement. Hints are not limited and the bar refills quickly. Examine the mural to open a puzzle. Examine the wheelbarrow to access a HOS.

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  1. Play the hidden object scene in the shelves A. The solution is Examine the closet Y to access a HOS. Zoom in on the phone base D to open a puzzle.

  2. The solution is The goal is to guess the two missing numbers to open the door. Chesterbrooks on her porch.

  3. Play the hidden object scene by the box B. Solve the three smaller patterns first A, B and C. Inspect the jar on the shelf B. It is also easiest to sort one color at a time.

  4. Follow the clues on the side. Click it to slide it under the door. This game is creepy, chilling and terrifying. Look closer at the telephone A. The question mark cursor indicates you can get additional info about the area or item.

  5. If you dare to play be vigilant, and move with caution. Chapter 3: The Young Man Return to the outside of the shop. Exit the evidence room.

  6. Take the right tunnel. Click to go inside the shop. See the next screen shot for the solution. Add the WOOD. Put the BIRD on the top of the box to open it.

  7. Click the poster of the eye at the end of the hallway A to read the message. The bonus content is now available from the main menu. But very quickly, I realized the plot was quite unique! Look closer at the top of the windmill at the end of the street. Enter the garage.

  8. See the follow screen shot for the solution. Play the hidden object scene in the herb and vegetable bins. Attempt to leave.

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