Awakening: Moonfell Wood

After awaking from a century long slumber, Princess Sophia finds a world that is devoid of people! Help her find her friends and family and take her rightful place. Search gorgeous locations for helpful clues and discover Sophia's destiny in Awakening: Moonfell Wood, a beautiful Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Follow your fairy friend as you explore the incredible landscape and help Sophia find her people!


Awakening: Moonfell Wood (Part 4): The Moonbridge

There are 5 levels to this mini-game. Once you pass through the gate, arrange the symbols on the snake in order from 2 to 10, starting from the head. Find the flower that is different from the others. Get two more Pinecones on the next screen and light the lantern with the Pocket Dragon. Click on each of the tiles to form a picture. Items in yellow require an additional step to be visible. Take the path through the tree on the right. Click and drag a knot to move it to another position. Look at the frame second from the left. Press on the disc to open the door O. Collect the 6 pieces of the petrified bear M. Walk downstairs and exit the tower. Walk forward to the pavilion area. You can see the correct order in the screenshot below. Placing the Decorative Brick with the others on the wall will trigger a matching game.

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Locate the 12 gemstones. Look at your journal for the correct settings H. Part 4: Return to the Night Walk down from the vista. Click on the 2 matching berries to progress to the next screen. Note the utility cupboard S. Click again to rotate a scrap. Select Play to start your game A. Click on the task for instructions on how to complete the task J. Look at the frame second from the right. Look at the close-up of the flower B. Take the gems that Tradewinds Classic on the 5 left flowers. Note the color of the books and the flowers at the top of each S. Note the mini-game on the left B. Cut the Rope to take or place a piece, click again to rotate a piece.

Place the pot on the bench with the others, add the dirt with the Garden Trowel and arrange the flowers according to the books, referring to your Journal. Take the scroll from the hidden compartment G. Use the pieces of glass to repair the lamp. Head back to the pavilion and place the Magic Card: The Griffin on the stone slab to get the Disc of Sun and Moon, which you can take to the middle of the tower to open the door and head up the stairs, where you can grab the Crowbar, Oil Can and Wire Brush. Exit the close-up and select the ivory chest. Click on squares H to cross them out per the list on the left I. Walk down 3 times and talk to the goblin woodsman sitting on the tree stump. Walk forward, then take the left path at the waterfall. Collect the three Fairy Beads and then use the Wooden Pole on the lantern to knock it over, letting you access the Brass Key after repairing the broken glass. Look at the stone door O. Use the Block of Tin on the anvil at the base of the stone centaur and heat it up four times with the Pocket Dragon. Make a fire with the Pinecones and Pocket Dragon, and refer to your Journal to match the pointers to their correct position. Find the flower that is different from the others.

The fragments are color-coded to show with which figurine they belong. Look at the oWod C. Take the gems and head back up Magic Time tower, placing them Awakening: Moonfell Wood the paintings after solving them, getting eight Rotary Dials. Walk down the stairs twice and exit the tower. Look at the stone fountain for a hidden object scene. Refer to your journal for a picture. Lastly, find the gem broken in half; the 2 pieces are marked in orange. Use the Block of Tin on the anvil at the base of the stone centaur and heat it up four times with the Pocket Dragon. Reading the discs from left to right, find the correct color sequence Moondell the colored diamonds on the discs and enter it at the top. Enter the doorway under the waterfall. Look at the pavilion gate. Repair the image by swapping pieces. This information will be in your journal.

The symbols will be noted in your journal. Take the AXE. Hover your mouse over the engraving to learn the figurines need to be placed from light to dark, small to large, from left to right. Hidden object lists and mini-games may be random, your solutions may vary. Take the gems that appear on the 5 left flowers. Select the Goals tab to see your current tasks M. Get two more Pinecones on the next screen and light the lantern with the Pocket Dragon. Continue to the next screen and examine the bush to the right to uncover a Hidden Object Puzzle. Click on 2 pots or flowers to swap positions. Select the flowering area for a mini-game H. There are 3 levels to this mini-game. Restore the crest by swapping tiles. Note the alchemy chest U.

Look at the close-up of the hole in the tree W. Select the desk on the right for a hidden object game. Underneath the Silver Basin is the Magic Card: The Moon, which will be added to your inventory after finding the hidden butterflies. Walk down twice, then right through the gate. You may play this game in full screen or windowed mode, adjust the volume of sounds and music, view credits, and enable the custom cursor in the Settings menu B. Talk to the goblin on the right to play Tripeaks. Take the OAR. Note the stone table where the Magic Cards are placed I. Find the 16 marbles. The 2 remaining squares will be the purple mushroom and mossflower. Walk forward to the pavilion area. Walk down 7 times and enter the pavilion. Click to rotate the fragment into position. You can place the five Rotary Dials on the device behind the glass door and rotate the gems to open the chest.

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  1. Click on the jewel chest to find the pearl. Enter the cave. Get the Oil Tap from the rucksack, then grab the Wooden Pole. The mossflowers are on the right M.

  2. Leave the foot of the bridge and enter the pavilion. Her goal is to find her people by travelling through different locations filled with puzzles and pick up valuable items along the way. The fragments are color-coded to show with which figurine they belong. Form the 3 pictures in chronological order the bottom piece for each picture does not move.

  3. This enchantress is supposed to be powerful enough to release the curse that keeps Sophia's parents asleep, but first Sophia must contend with mercenaries blocking her path. Match the moths to open the door, then match the gourds in the next room to get the Giant Gourd. Select the cobwebbed alcove for a mini-game F.

  4. Leave the roof and go down 3 levels to the ground floor. Look at the lock on the gate N. Look at the close-up of the hole in the tree stump J. First, place the broken pieces in the same position as the below screenshot. Refer to the journal for clues to mini-games L.

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