Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion

You, as Nancy Drew, are invited to assist in the renovation of a Victorian mansion in Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion! According to legend, a fortune in long-lost gold is hidden somewhere on the property and someone is determined to find it. In a house full of trap doors and secret tunnels, breaking glass and suspicious fires, one misstep means Nancy won't stand a ghost of a chance! Find the treasure using your Hidden Object skills!

If it is after 5pm, Charlie should be gone and you can check to see what is under the grate in the basement fireplace. She also tells you that a messenger dropped off a letter for you. Quickly go in the secret room that opens up behind the bookcase. We repeat the process. A secret panel opens to reveal a note and a golden Chinese symbol. Pick it up. You'll find the Chinese symbol for "moon". You find a hidden key. You will over hear Abby and Rose having an argument about the fire. If he's not there, you can wait until noon when he shows up. Go up to your room and read the letter from Emily. If you want to put this FAQ on your website, please ask me first instructions under general information. Go downstairs and use the phoenix eye on the phoenix that's missing an eye.

Turn right and enter the double doors to the dining room. Move post 3 to "E". Look at the painting supplies under the scaffolding. Look at the table in the right corner. This solves the puzzle. Leave Abby's room replace the spider in her jewelry box if you took the spider. There's one of the missing tiles, as well as a stack of newspapers. He says the house was called "gum bo fu". Okay, so what you can do now is go downstairs and find the dumbwaiter in the hallway. Bess Marvin and George Fayne: Nancy's best friends. Left to right number Then drop the chandelier on the culprit's head. Go to the side room where the phone is.

Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion

Click on the keyboard until you have a close up of the keys. Move away from the toolbox, turn around and move forward once. Click on the symbols in The Chronicles of Robin Hood: The King of Thieves order numbered in the picture above. Note the Hanzi symbol for River. Set the time to noon or any other time when Louis is at work. Go to the library now and place the tiles into the slots above the fireplace. Use your gold Chinese piece on the pyramid thing. Is she also somehow involved in these so-called accidents? Yay for you! Turn around and look at the cabinet in the corner. As you move around and open items, such as luggage, cabinets, wardrobes, etc. Look at the bookcase to the left of the desk. Go up to your room and read the letter from Emily. Could he be the one causing these accidents so he can have Rose sell the mansion to someone else?

Use the key you found in the bedpost. Write that down on your list o' Chinese symbols. If it's the afternoon, this reveals the location of the hidden treasure. Now, head back to the basement. You must have completed all of the previous 13 steps to do this. Look at the area where the tapestry used to be, near the bed and the dresser. Note that I don't tell you how to solve any of the puzzles--just where they are. After setting the alarm you will hear some beeps and wake up to a different time. Luckily there is something in the attic you can use to open that door. Talk with Rose then go back down and check out what burned in the fire. The romance book seems to be pointless. Exit your room. They also suggest you play The Bandit's Treasure, so it would be a good idea! Look closely at the work schedule on the buffet. Leave Abby's room replace the spider in her jewelry box if you took the spider.

Message in Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life Haunted Mansion: Key Tasks If you find yourself getting stuck in the game, keep in mind that the answer frequently doesn't have anything to do with puzzles or additional exploration. Time passes quickly in the game and you can check to see what time it is by clicking on the pocket watch on lower left side of your screen. Look up the wall to the right of the lantern and see a loose brick. It doesn't seem to matter what you talk about, because what ever is important will eventually show up and be discussed. Unfortunately, she never records any useful information which you might actually need later like writing down the hanzi you learn, the information you find in books, the computer passwords, etc. Video Guide Go toward the door with the stained glass, but Weather Lord: Royal Holidays Collectors Edition not enter. An arrow will appear at the right or left of the screen to turn in that direction. Maybe not. Click on the door to the right of the one with the stained glass. She's a super-mystery solver, and she's out in San Francisco to solve the mystery of why there are so many accidents during the renovation of an old Victorian mansion. She can only be heard through the phone and is not a suspect.


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  1. Back away from the cash register and turn right. The one with a single door leads back to the entranceway. Rose would like to renovate this mansion and turn it into a Bed and Breakfast.

  2. Post 4 moves Posts 1, 2, 3 and 4. Turn right, then left and go back to your room. Go to the cabinet in the corner of the room, pull out the fire extinguisher, and use it on the fire. Pick it up.

  3. Diego Valdez -- A bandit also from the s; he was Hispanic and is mentioned in the game. Get the Hanzi symbol for fire. Look in the drawer on the right.

  4. Enter all the symbols in the right order. Talk with Rose then go back down and check out what burned in the fire. Place the tiles there and then pull the left iron bird. The puzzle is on the floor, just right of her. You can also call Emily Foxworth, the local resident and expert on San Francisco.

  5. Take the staircase on the right to the top landing. Go through the double doors to the Study to talk with Louis. Turn right and look at the tapestry hanging on the left side of the door. Looks like you'll have to wait for Charlie to leave the basement before you can get a good look around, though.

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