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Help Mel, a common street thief, get back an orb of great power from the vicious vampire, Gyendal. Steal back the relic and prevent an evil and dark prophecy from occuring! Gather together an unlikely band of friends and confront an ancient evil in Aveyond: Gates of Night. Solve different puzzles, complete exciting quests, and much more, as you explore an enchanting world in this clever Strategy game.


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Explore the area and battle monsters while making your way north towards the Southern Thial Mountains. Once you return to the king, you discover that you can place different gems in the hilt of the sword to change its properties. There are 5 of those hidden caves for you to discover. The king tells you that you need to head north into Istir Forest and then turn right into the Northern Thial Mountains. Brightwood Forest Once you leave the city, you will find yourself in Aveyond: Gates of Night Forest. Try opening the door. Date published: You may also have met a merchant in the shopping district who mentioned you needed a Merchant Pass to use the secret road, and that he Paradise Beach to own one. If you explore some caverns now, you should equip your party with sleep amulets available in Gheledon. Talking to everyone in the city will trigger two side quests. A fight ensues. Mel will 12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas to sleep. The king asks the group to retrieve his world map from his study. Your goal here should be to keep your party alive for the duration of the fight. Once the game ends, the autosave feature will not bring you back before the final battle.

Go in and talk with the owner. Do not hesitate to upgrade your equipment because you will find here the best shields and helmets for your party in the game. You may also have triggered a quest relating to the pirates. Your can visit your new pets at anytime in the future and collect the eggs they may have laid. It is leading to the rest of the sewers. If you talk to everyone you meet, you will trigger a new quest. When she comes upon a cliff with nowhere to go, she is pushed over the edge and falls. Open the chest you see on your right. Mel even mentioned she needs to learn how to ice skate in order to go across it. Finding Galahad While Mel is studying at the School of Magic to become a spy, other events unfold in a land far away. Find your way upstairs. There are also 2 bags and 3 chests to be found in this area. Note that the deliveries get more lucrative over time. When you find it, just step on it.

Try having Mel use her trip skill on one vampire, and Stella use her sleep Aveyond: Gates of Night on another. Keep walking and you will find a young woman sleeping on a bed of ice. That was your final delivery. Enter doorway 1 and flip the switch you will find there. He will give her an assignment: Mel must attend a ball at the castle in order to catch a spy posing as a guest. One of them has to do with pirates. She also reveals the only person who can wake her is the blinded man. When you return there, give him the wine and get back to Chateau Lenore to get paid. But all you need to do now is exit the newspaper building, go back in and talk to Rita again. The King gives you a legendary sword for Edward, Excalibur. Finding Galahad While Mel is studying at the School of Magic to become a spy, other Defense of Egypt unfold in a land far away.

They are located in Shadow Woods South. Investigating the comet and the ruins Early next morning Edward knocks at the door and joins your party. The monsters in this region inflict a lot of damage so you should explore this area later in the game, when your party is better equipped. Go to the basement and meet Mila, who will explain you have to pass a test before she teaches you. Get in the canoe and it will automatically bring you to two different islands, then back. Refer Northern Thial Mountains map above if necessary. There are 2 bags and 3 chests to find in the den. The Spider Den Exit Witchwood the same way you came in. Harburg side quests Quest 1: Burnaby The first quest will require a bit of travelling, so you might want start it and complete it as you continue your journey. Before you leave, locate the Magic Mirror Express and activate it so you can return directly to Moo Hatchery later in the game. Once you enter the school, you will meet Ulaf and then Prof. Exit the agency and find your apartment. Make sure you have the best weapons and equipment for your party. Go through it.

Note that the deliveries get more lucrative over time. The next step is to go back to Thais. There are lots of tips in the forum and walkthroughs available for free if you google it. Edward asks his father how they can get to Naylith where they think the orb of light is hidden. Find Ralph near the items shop and give him the journal. Exit the tower and go into the sewers. Talk to the castle owner immediately after that, and he will give you another assignment. Mel identifies the spy and now has to report to Prof. You should now make your way to the canoe. Enter the cave. There is also a secret cave in this area that will give you loads of gold, 6 bars of , coins each! Just before entering leave the path and go right, into the forest.

It is displayed on the wall where you came in. You will find yourself back on the northern Thais Mountains. While you are still in Harburg, upgrade your equipment if possible. Proceed to the other doorway and keep going up until you arrive at the top of the tower. When you talk to Gladamere, he will tell you he lost his soul in a bet with the owner. Look at your journal and you will see your next quest is to locate a quarter key in Quin Kingdom, which is located in Istir Forest. She just exited the temple where Stella is resting. You should now go back to Witchwood to investigate. Before entering the forest, upgrade your equipment if possible and check your supplies. You must find 5 items that match in order to pass the test. It will be in another city. They all go in to speak to the king together. They are marked by the letter M on the maps. Gray will agree to take you as a student if you can pass a test. Your party will be able to restore their health and buy some supplies if needed.

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  1. Your first delivery will be to Lord Rupert in Thais for 10 gold. Excalibur just grew stronger, and took on the elements of Ice and Water. Edward can buy a sonnet and give it to either girl in your party. Refer Istir Forest and Ice Caverns maps above. Note that you might get a quest by talking to someone.

  2. Find your way upstairs. Thial Mountains North The North Thial Mountains can be a bit confusing, but it is a good time to explore and gain experience points. Just interact the boarded cave entryway when you come across it. Edward leaves but Mel still has to search to castle and find the spy. You can however begin your search for the answers right now, and that will save you a lot of time when you play Gates of Night.

  3. Professor Gray can be found on the top floor. Take note of its location. He tells Mel to visit the Intelligence Agency she may find in foreign cites in order to continue her training. Best RPG Series! Return to Naylith Summit again.

  4. Professor Gray can be found on the top floor. He was attacked by thieves and his Merchant Pass was stolen. You should fight them unless your party members are weak or have run out of food. Go talk to him. Go through the bedroom you see on your right, then walk into the hallway to your right again.

  5. Do not use it yet and bring the egg back to Moo Hatchery eventually. This skill can be very useful against powerful enemies later on. It is located in the shopping district between the armour and weapons stores.

  6. You should now try to locate Quin castle. You might also have encountered a blind man while exploring the plains. The ruins When you enter the ruins, you will find a girl lying on the ground. Sinoa Plains There are 2 bags and 5 chests to be found here. Your first delivery will be to Lord Rupert in Thais for 10 gold.

  7. You can eat, revive a party member or use a potion during a battle. This is the first installment of a four part series about a girl thief and her journey through the land of Aveyond. Give him the password and he will let you through the portal. Go in and talk with the owner. Return to the school and go talk to Prof.

  8. Go talk to him. Witchwood While in Witchwood, make sure you activate the Magic Mirror Express and donate at the statue. Dead monsters are also a great source of gold and items, so do not forget to loot their bodies. Harburg is the city in which Mel started her adventures.

  9. Finally, you should locate Quin castle as your journals tells you to look for the quarter key in Quin Kingdom. Give a wrong answer and you will lose all your gold. Do not use it yet and bring the egg back to Moo Hatchery eventually. You will find 1 bag and 1 chest on this side of the door. Harpsbren Manor Find your way out of the school and locate Harpsbren Manor, reading the mailboxes.

  10. The password can be different from game to game so you will have to complete this quest yourself to find out what it is. Try talking to her. When you find it, just step on it.

  11. Search for the coffin shop in the city. The first you can trigger by talking to someone near the city gate, on your way out. So you will have to search.

  12. It is another excellent RPG. Push it down once only. Explore while making your way across the southern Thial Mountains, going west. The king tells you that you need to head north into Istir Forest and then turn right into the Northern Thial Mountains. Attempt to wake her.

  13. Try flipping the switch and entering the study a second time. You have now successfully completed the game! You will find Hanna in the streets, somewhere to the south of the Thais city gate. You have two options: save on gold by retracing your steps and possibly looting monsters along the way ; or pay to use the Mirror Magic Express on the condition you activated it in both Thais and Gheledon.

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