Delaware St. John: The Seacliff Tragedy

The sound of a hundred voices call to Delaware St. John and lead him to the site of a decrepit amusement park. The site closed four years earlier after a collapse killed more than a hundred people. As Delaware explores the area he discovers the tragic accident is only the beginning of the dark events taking place. Delaware St. John: Sea Cliff Tragedy is an adventure game full of suspense and excitement.


Delaware Saint John - The Seacliff Tragedy Walkthrough Part 1

Meet Katherine, the Protector. John: The Seacliff Tragedy walkthrough on Gamezebo. Employee Building Move forward, turn right, move forward-left and forward to the dressing room. Examine the noticeboard: Delaware sees a vision of the funhouse where a skeleton is hidden behind one of the walls. Take the newspaper clipping about the death of Margaret Krandall in an accident at the funhouse in the park. Turn right and move forward twice to the tunnel in the Tunnel of Terror. Continue up the path ahead for 3 clicks, until you have passed a clown on your right. Kelly talks to Delaware about the hunter, Adam and another kid behind the roller coaster. Go back out and enter the roller coaster to go to the other side. That is all you can do in the house now. The pictures and the sounds recorded will be analyzed at the office by Simon. Examine the gates and then select the gates to open them. During the tutorial you will have to find a Key.

The story is compelling specially if you have played the other games and read the books. Place the yellow fuse on the empty slot. If the cursor looks like a grabbing hand, clicking there will pick up an object. Delaware St. Go forward until out of the walled area's gate. After she leaves, move forward, turn right, move forward three times, forward-right and forward twice to meet up with Kelly and complete the first story. Break down the door and move forward into the room. Go forward, left, forward, right and forward to the truck. They are afraid of light and that is one tool against them. Turn Wheel 1. Exit the view of the announcement and examine the board on the wall: Take yellow key 4 from the board: Move back to exit the view of the board. Turn left, move forward, turn left and move forward to exit the pirate ship. When you see the TV, use the down arrow to turn around.

Ligne gratuit Delaware St. John: The Seacliff Tragedy nouveau twoo

The chart was printed with numbers halved and swapped colors red with blue and yellow with green. Go through the door into the bathroom. Examine the cans: Delaware St. John: The Seacliff Tragedy meets Carl, who agrees to give information if Delaware can knock down all of the cans. Open the door and move forward into the kitchen. Turn right, move forward twice and select the shadow person: Move forward through the gate and continue forward to see a cans game on one of the booths. Turn right and move forward twice, turn left and move forward twice. Move forward twice to watch a cutscene where Kelly meets the woman she saw earlier: She says that she is a fortune teller that used to work in the amusement park. Shaking, screams are felt and heard. You will play sometimes as Delaware St. Sewer maze - Enter and go left to 2. Go right and forward to the end. Or move the cursor right of the funhouse, forward Zumas Revenge the green building and turn right to go through the walled in area of the park. Try the handle.

See the soda pop can and the token. Continue forward past the clown. Turn around and see that the 1 sewer gate is now opened. Cave - Eek! Go forward past the Fun House to a wall. Open the bottom-left panel and put the blue fuse in the slot: Close the bottom-left panel. He thinks Delaware may be a reporter and says that he will wait for her to return before he opens the door. Meet Carl again. Go back to the big tree close to the entrance of the park. See a blocked gate ahead and then left. The graphics were good, but not excellent. Look close at the map across the Ferris wheel area. Turn back, move forward and turn left. Wall -After the cutscene, go forward and turn right to the wall she was working on. To the left is the door to the Haunted Castle.

Examine the Map on the right. Go back to the big tree close to the entrance of the park. Pressing this button displays the game menu, where there are options to continue the game from the current point, save the game, access Sg. options or exit to the main menu. New Game: Displays the story selection screen. Examine the door. After minutes of exploring, the only things that had happened Coffee Rush 3 a 'thing' that jumped out and coming across a locked building. See a picture of the family. From the stove, click on the down arrow to turn around.

Turn left to see the door with the second set of buttons: Open the door and move forward into the next room. Turn right, move forward, turn left and move forward twice to the carousel. Click on the picture on the top shelf of the safe to zoom in. Get walkthrough's if you need them. Examine the left bench: Take the ball from the bench. Go forward and be at the path towards the Ferris wheel. Pan right and see a staircase on the left and a door ahead. We finally had to go to the cheats to get through the game. Inventory Items Inventory items will be stored in the tray on the lower left until needed. Turn right and move forward twice, turn left and move forward twice. Look left at the control box at left wall. Go through the gate to enter the front garden of the house. Go right, forward and see that the steps lead to a road blocked by a grilled gate.

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  1. Turn back, move forward-left, forward four times, turn right, move forward four times and turn right to see the back of the booths. You will see the Wheels for 5 and 6 on the wall on the right. It is rusted in the upper left corner. Enter and go forward slightly to the right. Go forward to the wall and right to the funhouse.

  2. Exit the view of the board. Go pass the Ferris wheel towards the wall with the clown statue. Examine the left booth and then examine the shelf to see a spool of string: Take the spool of string.

  3. Take the ball from the bench. Enter the cemetery on the right. Go through the Gate. Exit the view of the locker.

  4. The hunter joins the chase. See a picture of the family. Turn right and go behind the roller coaster chairs. You must do the next 3 steps in this order. At the train ramp, Delaware says

  5. Simon will tell you they are demons, not ghosts. From now on, whenever you see one, quickly click on them. Turn back and examine the left box to see a skeleton. Turn right, move forward twice, turn right, move forward, turn left, move forward through gate 7, turn right and move forward twice to see a ladder. Examine the funhouse door and then use the crowbar on the boards to remove them.

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