Whisper of a Rose

Join Melrose in her search for happiness as she enters the realm of dreams and fantasy. Meet the creatures of Melrose's dreams in Whisper of a Rose. In the year 2024, Science and technology are the focus of the populace, but Melrose dreams of a magical fairy world where flowers are the size of trees. Dive into this fun Strategy game and explore this magical land and go on an exciting adventure today!

Open the blue chest there. Sometimes I have commitment issues with putting on pants in the morning; this team turned out a game that's over 40 hours long and consists primarily of wholly original content. Now for the left puzzle. See the picture below to get an exact location of the hidden path. When she uses Cursed Power, with everything she does, she will decrease her HP. Melrose starts off awkward, shy, and more than a little childish. See the map below. The fighting is slightly different than most of these games, and though its nice to have some differences its not possible to make the fights as fast as some others. Alone, the Merinthophobius is not that strong. All platforms are seen from above so the first platform is the most north one. Go to the Lands of Love. When she hears about a new device that can allow people to enter their own dreams, she sees it as the perfect opportunity to escape her miserable life. Open the chest there, and then jump down the hole. A mini-game will initiate.


Whisper of a Rose - Ahead of Time

There will be a cutscene where a character named Hellena is introduced and a boss battle takes place against the Myriophobius. The boss has two skills at his disposal that greatly recover and even revive the marionettes. Head north-west to the Butterfly Hills. Although all Melrose really wants is to escape her old life, she soon discovers the fantasy world she's always wanted isn't as perfect as she'd hoped. Pick it up. The game was in development for three years, and Rose Portal Games clearly used that time to turn out a product that looks and feels distinct. It is fairly long with many challenges and the story line is really good. Date published: Then follow the hidden path into the forest. See the Memory Teleportals section of this guide for more information. Wait for the guard on your right to move to the right. These items can be used on the boss there. I don't want to give it away but you should definitely try it!!!

Follow the yellow line on the map below to reach the next area. She manages to get a room, and then so do you. In this cutscene, you will have the choice to slap Marlotte or Maxine — two bullies from school. The guard will move to the door. One minute Melrose is having nightmares about being chained in a shadow realm while the clown from the abyss ughughughugh crawls towards her, and the next she's making friends with living gingerbread men. Then head onwards for a cutscene and a boss fight. Beneath the hills are the Butterfly Caves. Let me put some numbers on that. However, feel free to experiment in any way you like! On the way, a long cutscene occurs which takes you to the Historic Museum. Defeat the dragonflies and pick up the droppings. I suggest going to Valentown first. Go back up and jump down the balcony there.

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Proceed to the Ladybug Village. See the image below. Move around the map, speak to people, and open chests. Instead, follow the blue line on the map below: go south-west and take the teleporter back to the first map. Open the treasure chest near the sign up ahead. You should first focus entirely on offense. As this style of game goes, this one is a cracker. Both areas are quite complex, so there are maps provided below. Dragonflies give excellent experience points. Sometimes it's enough to fix the damage from the battle - sometimes it's not. When she uses Cursed Power, with everything she does, she will decrease her HP. The problem lies with the marionettes that he summons during the battle. After fixing the engine, various side-quests will become available in the town. To your right will be two mushroom houses. By doing her quest you receive her as Sparkle Unleashed dream creature to summon, which is very useful later on.

First follow the yellow line and flip the switch at the end. Go back around head north-east. Inside are some goodies. In your room, walk up to the lamp and turn it on. Go to the computer library. Go to the next area, and go north. The boss has two skills at his disposal that greatly recover and even revive the marionettes. After the cutscene, head north and save at the Memory Orb Vendor. After winning the battle, follow the path and open the chests there for a Marionette Head. In the next area, had north and get the Left Marionette Leg from the chest at the dead end. Walk onto it to heal. Defending when she uses Dark Pulse or Snare of Envy decreases the chance of receiving a status effect. Making clever choices at the skill tree will make your life a lot easier.

Upgrade WWhisper equipment and buy items at the Memory Orb vendor, which is near the watermill in the center of the town. Leave the building through the hole in the wall at the top. You can trade broadcasting frequencies to her for a side-quest. This will take you to the Crystal Hills. The yellow arrows indicate the movement of guards. Go south, down the ladder and follow the hallway. It seemed to ot getting nowhere. Pick it up. Make sure that the guard that walks in the corner there is at the bottom-left of his path. Eventually a girl enters and talks to the innkeeper. Then follow the hidden Defense of Greece into the forest.

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  1. Go down the ladder and open the chest. Flip the switch on your way. Follow the yellow area to proceed to the next area. Now go back and around and go all the way north to the engine.

  2. The Sweet Tower is slightly complex to explore. She manages to get a room, and then so do you. All she has to go on is the name of a distant place called Rosaria where the Fairy Godmother is said to reside, and if she ever wants to make it home, that's where she'll have to go. Use the arrow keys to maneuver around the circular balcony. Follow the tunnel and check the mirror.

  3. Only some marionettes do this — most of them stay lifeless. He lives at the eastern side of the town. Also, the rate at which a defeated enemy gives you nothing is much higher than other RPGs. Guards will spot you if you come too close.

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