Sherlock Holmes VS Jack the Ripper

Unmask the mysterious identity of England’s most violent and notorious killer in Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper! The year is 1888 in the Whitechapel district of London’s East End and a sinister series of crimes have taken place. The bodies of several women have been found and the police have been unable to find any leads. Sherlock Holmes, England’s greatest detective sets out to find clues in the dark and gloomy streets of Whitechapel, following a macabre trail to shed light on the true identity hiding behind the terrifying nickname!

Holmes in his disguise is ready to go to Wasp's Nest Pub in Whitechapel. Turn right and see pointing to left, blank, blank, pointing to right and pointing to right. Open the police bag: Take the police bag from the table. Right click or use the back arrow to go back to the scene of the crime. Holmes took one pill. Determine the precise the time of death of Annie Chapman: Right click to go back to the board. Talk to Constable Humphries. September 7, Watson reads about Leather Apron in the newspaper. See a heart in a jar on the middle shelf. Sherlock and Watson arrive at crime scene - place at Go to the right and see pointing to left, pointing to right, pointing to right and blank space. Go right and enter the gate of the church.


The murderer stole Chapman's rings. Use the space bar to see active spots in the screen. Go back to pet shop. Click-hold to move the nail: half left, release nail, complete right, release nail and half right. Chapman was partially strangled and then her throat slit. Locate the vena cava superior which is the blue artery at top left of the cross section picture. Read in documents The Star's report about Leather Apron, the bully of prostitutes. Learn about new tenant that is strange. Learn about journeymen that wear aprons: butchers and cobblers. Use the map to jump to marked places. Go to Bulling's table and check the paper. Use the surgical instrument on the right wheel.

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Holmes states that the clock is wrong. Watson gets upset. Adjustments to testimonies based on Church clock. Enter the police station. An envelope was brought out by the victim. Be sure to check the item or the document taken by right clicking to open the portfolio. Learn that gas leak was due to the police searching for Bluto that was ratted out by Squibby, the man chased by the mob and mentioned by the cobbler. Exit the pet store. Talk to Big Danny again still standing at the corner. Go down the road from the cobbler and enter Zumas Revenge pet shop door left of Jewel Match Solitaire Collectors Edition awning. Turn bottom right wheel once. The murderer must have been sitting on victim. Gibbons about the medicine. See a new screen with Battle Slots gathered in papers on the left side. Use the jewel on Isaac.

It looks like the one on the board. New frames appear. Click the heart in jar and see the puzzle on close up. Use magnifying lens and click on pool of blood. Open the closed door and talk to Bluto. This is important in the investigation. See icons beside the information. During gameplay, press ESC to access the main menu. The victim has a bruise on the right. Use and combine more that objects and collect hundreds of clues so you can finally uncover the real identity and motives of the perverted Jack the Ripper. A whole body trading is possible because of the missing cadavers, as well as instruments. Go to bottom screen and take the animal book from bottom shelf at left.

Dates that add up to get a sum similar to another date can not be at the same column. Bert the cat needs food. Place the gauge on all other holes and see that the rest are all reading Zumas Revenge pressure. Combine the perfume atomizer and valerian to make Valerian perfume. Organs are Holmew. Talk to the bartender about Bulling. September 12, Baker St. He will make the harnesses as asked.

Talk to Big Danny again still standing at the corner. At right bottom of the screen is the option to change from first person or third person perspective or click the middle mouse scroll wheel to do the change in perspective. Bella is bothered by a box of perfumes given by a client. The police struggle to pick up the scent as the bodies pile up and paranoia sweeps the city. In documents, select the Testimony of E. Select the proofs for analysis of the crime: Look close at the board with strings left of Holmes' worktable. Turn the blue arrow to point to 1. Finley mentions Isaac Solomonovitch, a cobbler across the hospital. Features Solve one of the greatest mysteries in the history of England and discover who is Jack the Ripper! Use the pill on Dr. An envelope was brought out by the victim. Move the camera's point of view of the reenactment by moving the little green box seen inside the bottom right frame.

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  1. Forward and then left on the first side alley. Look around the room. See the abandoned house. Look close at pipes. Click the arranged comb and then click on the muslin at the foot of the body.

  2. Learn about Leather Apron. Polly's murder took place on the premises. Click on the green smelly glass shard of Finley's tenant on the worktable of Holmes.

  3. Click on 'use this document as proof' at bottom of right page of Plants and Spices and Animals, both from the Spartaca Encyclopedia in documents. Go through the gate and door of the clinic. Click on the back of the desk. Reconstruct the report. Look around the room.

  4. Use the lens on middle finger to note that it is missing rings. Check the bottom right wheel of the trolley. Pick up 2 lead pipes, rusted iron dishes, perfume atomizer, small planks and little stick from scrap heap. In inventory, combine perfume puffer and atomizer taken from Finley trash pile to make perfume atomizer.

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