Millennium: A New Hope

Travel back in time and learn how the city of Myst was able to overcome its humble beginnings and become a thriving kingdom in Millennium: A New Hope. Marine has decided to help her father challenge the rich of Myst, and bring on an era of change. Travel the countryside getting stronger and taking on the oppressive upper-class in this fast-paced Action game. Gather the strongest fighters you can and walk away victorious!

There are two hidden locations- queen bee and thieves den. Walk your way out of the Scarlet River and go back to the Forge at Midlands. He will give you a quest: Find 10 snakes for an armor. Back to the three dwarf, examine the gap east of them with your mouse to locate the place where you can jump. Benoit's wind hand can help. Proceed eastwards and exit the mountains. I will only write it at the status update. Head towards the center of the swamp. Press the Spacebar or Enter Key to make a choice or perform an action. When you cross the bridge you will be ambushed by 5 green ants. At the northeastern part just north from the [Pink Teddy Bear] position you can find a chest contains wood plank and a reflex orb. If someone have made any complete walkthrough before, sorry but I don't mean to insult anyone. You should not miss any of the items if you want to get the final one.

From other walkthrough they said if you play at normal or hard mode, Thomas will give you a piece of armor. Then go north and follow the road west to find the Guild of Mind. South at the intersection and take the random gold coins. Back to the fences and keep heading east. Don't enter the hole, the King of the Ants is inside. I would suggest avoiding it for now till you have some more party members. At the second floor of the item shop there are 2 wooden baskets. Head east and collect random gold coins. From the first area move up to the next region while picking up some items on your way. Wear the air sandals and jump here to reach the other side of the mountains. Go south from here to find a body orb then east to find 2 reflex orbs. Head to the northwestern area to find a magic orb. Visit the Green grass fields and talk to Florian, the hut near the entrance from the world map, to get the quest for hunting down animal kings. Keep going and you will enter a place full of lava. West near the trees you will find a reflex orb.

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Best see this walkthrough with notepad or wordpad font courier new, Millennuim:. Back to the opened chest and head east. Talk to the clown. Albert will ask you to find the House of Alchemy. Now go south to Zumas Revenge next screen. Before you leave, if you can afford it, buy the Broken Paladin Helmet from the item shop at Hopd northwestern part of the village. After Hirado PrettySnails your party of characters. Go south twice to find Bokden. If you keep heading east you will see a silver chest. Millennium: A New Hope inside and rest if you need to and head upstairs. Examine Millenmium: painting to find a secret room with 20 random gold coins 4 at the center and 4 at the north one. Ask her about the rebel. When you reach the statues go to your right and at the end, look down and jump into the water.

Keep walking eastward onto the next screen. After a battle ends, enemies will provide items you can sell or save for later use. Then north again. Means : A muscle orb equals 1 muscle point at the Guild of Strength A reflex orb equals 1 reflex point at the Guild of Speed A magic orb equals 1 magic point at the Guild of Mind A body orb equals 1 body point at the Guild of Resistance Now get out and examine the nearest barrel to find random amount of coins I have tried many times and it seems the minimum is 55 coins and the maximum is 65 coins , after that examine the barrel next to the wall and you will find a free potion. Make sure to summon Jeanne as she does good damage to them. From now on, i will only refer any quest with its code. Head west and north and open up the chest for a Wooden Bucket. Head to the village exit for a cut scene then go talk to Benoit, he will now join you. Back to previous screen and go north and east to the next screen. Head north and take the sparkle flower. The mode you pick will determine the number of Animal Kings you will have a chance to fight with at the end of the game 4 in Very Easy or Easy, 6 on Normal and 8 on Hard. First place: Go north, then east past the Pillars.

East and open the chest for a super potion. Back to the opened chest and head east. There are 6 ambushes. Get back to the windmills and go Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist until you find another fork. Follow the main road until you see Balnard and 3 thieves. Visit the inn to buy some items from the man. Walk 6 steps east from his position and examine the tree. Go right until you find a boat and a pillar. You Hoppe enter the Rocky Path. I love the RPG games! While in The Refuge, inspect the rolls at the top left corner. I AM Mullennium: the hard mode.


Millennium: A New Hope

Return from there by two screens. Explore Green grass thoroughly. Head north to get out from here. I prefer to call it wooden basket than rattan basket or just basket. It's fun to play and I can easilly recommend it to anyone. Go right after entering Green Grass Fields and jump onto the bridge. Now go south one screen after you finish all your business. Click on the rock nearby. Ignore the silver locked chest for now. Make sure to check for new items at the following times. Now north a little and east one screen to Eastern Lands of Myst. You can see a body orb lying on top of the cliff but don't even bother to take it. Go up one screen then right and you will find another hut. Now head west to Green Grass Pond.

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  1. Use the following strategy to defeat The Rogue. Now cross the bridge and you will meet Jeanne the fairy. To make things worse, they can give venom status on you. When using the mouse for game play, small icons will give you hints as to what you can get from it- The glove icon indicates you can grab an item, The bubble icon means you can speak to a character, The eyes icon means you can read an item, The magnifying glass icon to inspect something The boots icon signifies spots where you can jump.

  2. Take it. Marine will jump to get all the orbs which appeared inaccessible. Go down and then east to sapphire cave. To equip a character with weapons or armor, open the Menu and choose Equip, then select the desired character.

  3. You can also learn spell for gold. Cross the first bridge and jump to the right for some extra items. We will be back later in the game to collect those body orbs.

  4. Explore that region and find the ghost. Go north, and talk to Tamara at her house. If somehow your health is too low, you can rest at Marine's house. East to the next screen. Listen to him and learn about the Martial Law.

  5. Go down and then east to sapphire cave. Take it and head north. Return from there by two screens. Go outside head north and enter the house next to the item shop. Don't forget to use your skill "Strategy" to "Regen each round" Now go out from Festina after you've done all the things there.

  6. Now cross the bridge and you will meet Jeanne the fairy. Head north to the next area. Head north to the town of Festina. Walk 6 steps east from his position and examine the tree.

  7. Head north again and walk beside the crops to the northeastern part and you will find another reflex orb and random amount of gold coins. There are hidden locations on this map. Move two screens up.

  8. Now it's time to leave Pinerock. Let's continue with the story. Inside the house you can find the [Cute Dress] if you examine the southeast corner.

  9. Look into the barrels to find items and gold. Take a step south, a step east, press down and examine it to find a [Papatapio Root]. Millennium is a jewel and must not be missed! Go right onto the next screen. Go right after entering Green Grass Fields and jump onto the bridge.

  10. Ignore the silver locked chest for now. The mode you pick will determine the number of Animal Kings you will have a chance to fight with at the end of the game 4 in Very Easy or Easy, 6 on Normal and 8 on Hard. But your last party member "may" get a useful item eventhough it's random every time he completes a quest, so it's really worth it. Give him the chantefleur tear, quest complete.

  11. East again to find 2 body orbs and 1 sparkle flower. Talk to Leon to get a quest: Find his Goat. Find your way west to the next screen.

  12. You will be transported back to Pinerock. Explore that area too. While in The Refuge, inspect the rolls at the top left corner.

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